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Letters: Summerland council not listening to residents

I was utterly appalled at the way Monday’s Town Hall meeting in Summerland was conducted. This was in regards to the 200 acres of prime farmland council is proposing be removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

People were under the impression they would have a chance to have actual dialogue with council. Writing a question on paper and having it read (or not read,  as was most likely the case since I personally wrote approximately 10 questions and not one was read) is not most people’s idea of dialogue.

There are two things that strike me especially hard.

The first is that as councillors and our elected representatives, most of you are not listening to the people. It is so obvious that the majority of people in Summerland do not want this. And yet you continue to push this proposal forward, without allowing for actual dialogue.

The second blow was the fact that you read only one question about the issue of food security amongst the dozens of questions chosen. This absolutely floored me.

This is an issue that has been addressed repeatedly by members of the community,  in letters to the editor, at the public hearing, in the numerous comments made by signatories of the Stop the Swap petition.

In reference to the concerns expressed by the public at the hearing on March 3, the mayor herself even commented in the interview on Daybreak South (March 4,2 014)  that “I think if I had to label the number one thing it was probably food preservation.” Surely she must have meant food security.

In her presentation Monday she skimmed over this issue, as if it were completely irrelevant.

I find this to be morally reprehensible when one considers the following quote from the CBC News (March 31, 2014):

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released a report on the global impact of climate change and what it will mean for society in the future. The findings are based on the work of 309 authors in 70 countries and are billed as a “definitive report of the state of knowledge concerning climate-change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability.

“Global Predictions: All aspects of food security will be potentially affected by climate change, including food access, utilization and price stability.”

The mayor, on the other hand, has repeatedly dismissed any questions regarding climate change and food security as inconsequential.

And I have not heard anyone else, except for Councillor Waterman, address this issue.

This is my most heartfelt question to all of you that I sincerely hope you will give it serious consideration: Given the fact that the Agricultural Land Reserve was created in order to preserve and protect farmland for future generations, how can you, with a clear conscience, sacrifice this resource our grandchildren will need to feed themselves?

I would like to hear a response from each of you. This is a moral responsibility that we all share. You have invited questions. I look forward to an honest response to this question, which carries a profound weight that cannot be ignored.

Sheila Polito



Monkey see, monkey do

Monkey do what monkey see.

I wonder if my memory is correct?

The United States is crowing about a buildup of 40,000 Russian troops in the vicinity of Eastern Ukraine and along the coastline of the Sea of Azov.

Does  the United States still have about 30,000 troops in South Korea?

Why isn’t there a protest and threatening attitude toward the U.S.?

Why is it Uncle Sam has to poke his nose in a direction he truly believes he is always right instead of taking a hard look at cleaning up his own back yard?

Uncle Sam is still a big part of a lingering problem that with his help there is no solution.

Ted Azyan



CHAMP says thanks

I was born with a partial left hand and was enrolled in The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program when I was six months old. I have been a “Champ” ever since.

On a recent weekend, I had the opportunity to attend The War Amps 2014 BC CHAMP Seminar in Victoria as a Junior Counsellor.

Junior counsellors are representatives of The War Amps and role models for younger Champs as they too grow up in the CHAMP Program. I was able to help out with the seminar during the many sessions and talk to the parents of new child amputees.

As a younger Champ, I always looked up to the Junior Counsellors, and I knew I wanted to be one as soon as I was old enough. They helped teach me everything from tying my shoes and putting up my hair to being proud of my amputation. This year was my second year as a junior counsellor and I had so much fun! Being a junior counsellor is a great way for me to give back to CHAMP for the years of support they’ve given me.

Growing up with CHAMP has helped me overcome obstacles, such as bullying, and helped me set the bar high by providing devices that let me take part in my favourite activities.

As someone who has benefitted locally, I would like to thank all of you who support The War Amps key tag Service, which has made these programs possible for young amputees like me.

Nicole Byford, Age 15

CHAMP Junior Counsellor



BC Lottery needs to change payouts

I see that BC Lottery Corp laid off 67  workers as revenue is down, so they say.

So who can afford to keep buying tickets when they only reward one winner with $50 million instead of having numerous winners from the same draw?

They need to give more people a chance. I bet the big bosses will still get the bonus check at year end, or will they be willing to take a pay cut or forget their bonuses?

I wonder why we are not buying like we used to? Here is a good reason: our B.C. personal tax structure went up 9.5 per cent, MSP went up, ferry fares went up (seniors now have to pay). Hydro rates went up and are increasing in April again. Gas for vehicles has gone up (summer is here).

Have you checked the price of groceries lately? Did your pension or your wages go up at all? Not that I can see. Now BCLC wants us to buy more tickets.

Well they increased the price of the tickets, they give only one  person the big money, instead of two or threeewinners. They never give a car , a TV, a trip  or any thing else to entice us and now they wonder why revenue is down. They need to give their heads a shake and listen to the people that buy the tickets.

Doris de Grood



Not worried about Ebola

The scientific community is right away alarmed, when a tropical disease emerges on the southern halve of the globe.

This alarm is totally unfounded since one cannot get sick if it is spring on the northern globe and late summer on the southern halve of the globe.

If someone visits the region in the south and contracts Ebola for instance, than comes back to Canada where it is spring, his disease will quickly disappear.

The reason for this is quite simple. Each disease, such as Ebola, Cholera, West Nile disease and Amtrak, requires a certain climate in and outside of the body, which is favourable, for a disease to flourish. Most tropical diseases occur, towards the fall in the tropics, when water is scarce.

Beast and people use the same water source and so have to drink partially the excrements of the wildlife species.

Each tropical disease will not over live the northern winter and needs to be imported every year new, if this disease supposed to take hold in our climate.

Diseases, such as Typhoid occur mostly when there is a surplus of water such as large scale flooding, when creatures drown in the surplus water.

If someone gets sick of Typhoid, it is because of the deadly poison that diseased creatures produce. This also can happen if lice, which have ingested the deadly poison from a corpse, jump from a dead body onto a living person.

I am a firm believer in the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. In order to be healthy these elements need to be in proper proportions in the body.

If there is a lack or surplus of these elements in and or outside the body, a person gets sick.

A fungal disease grows in stagnant air, exercise to blow air into the body, will cure the disease.

A skinny person is dry and an overweight person wet. For the skinny I recommend to exercise or work less and add water.  An overweight person should fan the fire with exercise or heavy work, to add air and fire to the system.

Well, I am not a doctor and I do not care what people think about my successions, but the remedies have served me well in my life.

I know that I cannot afford to gain too much weight, so I try to keep the pounds in proper order, by keeping the groceries in check and march a bit more if necessary.

Otto Sturhahn



You will be missed George

An open letter to George Little

Dear George,

So, what’s it like up there?  Is all that stuff true about the angels, the puffy clouds and the long, white gowns?

I’ve tried to imagine your interview with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, as he asked you his questions.  Little did he know you would be asking him your list of questions too!

And once you gained admission, and you did earn your way in George, did you start making suggestions on how to change things?

I have a feeling you quickly identified a few cost-saving measures and productivity improvements to share with the big guy or gal.

And it’s only a matter of time, I am sure, before you organize the more enlightened residents up there to highlight the gross miscarriage of justice in taxing your halos.

In fact, I look forward to reading the press release announcing that you are leading a Heavenly Core Services Review.

You left us too soon George.

But not before making an indelible mark in the lives of countless people, of which I count myself as one.

In admiration of a life well-lived,

Mark T. Ziebarth



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