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LETTERS: Treatment needs to change at Penticton hospital

As a family that has spent the last two months in and out of the Penticton Regional Hospital with our father we know things need to change. The doctors and nurses in the emergency room do an amazing job with the amount of people they have to see hourly and daily. The problem starts when they want to get people out of the hospital when they are not ready to go home.

Our father was admitted on Feb. 23 with an infection and his heart racing. By the next day he was very confused and unable to get out of bed. In the next two weeks his strength did not return and the confusion was still there.

We were told he would be moved to West View, a part of the hospital where he could recoup. Then on the morning of March 6 we received a phone call from the hospital saying dad would be discharged within the hour because they needed the bed for someone else. We asked about West View and were told there were six people ahead of my dad.

We said we would be right there. As we walked into our father’s room the staff was telling dad he was being released.  One look at his face showed he was confused and scared.  He thought he was going to West View.  It was heartbreaking to see a stranger explain they were kicking him out of his bed when he couldn’t even get up on his own.

Our father was living in an independent senior’s residence, we knew he wasn’t strong enough to go back. You could tell he was worried about being alone.  Dad was very disappointed with what was happening  and said, “I have paid into the health care all my life and now I need this extra help, they are kicking me out.”

As a family we decided this was not happening to our father. We were fortunate to find a private care home here in Penticton that would take our father on such short notice, and that was equipped to properly care for dad in his state.

He was moved from the hospital on March 7.

We had to pay for transport. How does that make sense?

The end of this is that April 6, one month from the day he came home, dad was back in the emergency room. He was put in a room and made comfortable.

Dad passed away the following evening. He should have been treated with dignity and respect, and been provided palliative care for the last month of his life, not released from the hospital on a stretcher.

We need to get working on the extending of Penticton Regional Hospital now. We do not need to do more studies to see if we need it, what we need is to build it now.

What happened to our father should not happen to anyone. In no way do we blame the staff at Penticton Regional Hospital, they are doing the best they can in a very tough situation.

The Family of Otto Hansen



Society offers stroke recovery program

South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society offers an eight-week stroke recovery program for stroke survivors of any age.

Participants learn practical strategies for coping with the transition that can occur after a stroke including those involving emotions, communication, memory, sleep and other general lifestyle changes will be discussed.  The program provides information, support and an opportunity for stroke survivors to connect and share experiences with others facing the same challenges.

This program is offered free of charge to anyone who has had a stroke and still lives in their own home.  Sessions are offered Wednesday mornings at the South Okanagan Similkameen Society for 1.5 hours each week for 8 consecutive weeks.

The next series starts Wednesday, April 30, 2014.  We encourage people to contact our office to pre-register.  Participants will be asked to attend all 8 sessions.

To register, call the South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society at 250-490-0613

Linda Sankey

Executive Director

Summerland ALR swap unwelcome

The next municipal election is only a few months away and candidates and voters are beginning the process of sorting out whether or not to run, and who to vote for.

Reflecting on the performance of the local incumbents is disturbing to say the least, and the main reason for the uproar over the proposed ALR land swap in Summerland is very simple: the people do not trust Summerland city council to do the right thing.

The democratic process has been displaced by arrogance. Accountability and transparency have become political slurs.

At a meeting held to explore the reasons for wanting to swap some ALR properties and to answer some questions, Summerland Mayor Perrino displayed incredible intransigence, refusing to consider feedback and advice from specialists, the APC, experienced city staff and about 11,000 citizens of Summerland.

Perrino insisted we do not build on hillsides, that we must use the flat lands for development, while people around the world build on hillsides to be able to grow crops on level soil.

Perrino’s ambition to bring the people to fill the stores also runs contrary to common sense. The reason the stores are empty is because the people go elsewhere to shop, and newcomers will do the same. If you want people to shop local, all you have to do is give them a reason.

Perrino should feel obliged to resign now, to allow mayoralty candidates some time to decide and to assemble and organize their campaign teams.

Andy Thomsen


Media help keep politicians honest

I always say thank heavens for the media. Without their reporting we would never hear of all the dirty deals the government did not want us to know about. They would love to keep us in the dark.

As for the pension going up for the MPs, what a joke, can they not live on the amount of money they are getting from us?

Are they just such greedy people and live well above there means? I remember when Dan Albas was a karate instructor and he owned his own company, he was broke just like the rest of us. But then Stockwell Day decided to groom him for the newest kid on the block. Well he trained him real well as he is not the Dan I knew. Now all they do is learn how to fatten their own pockets and keep themselves above the poverty line with there fat paycheques and there fat pension.

The new increase works out to about another $3,000 per year on the lowest MP’s salary. That is about $250 per month.  Let’s see a pensioner gets around $1.50 per month if that. It never stops, they love to give the sweet raises to themselves and to heck with the rest of the people. Shame on them how they think they are entitled to live like that on our money.

Doris DeGrood



Deer just dandy

I thought your readers might enjoy this story about four deer that were in my yard the other night.  Two mothers and two young ones.  First they were eating grass and then fertilizing, which saves me some money and work.

Then they lay down on a rug under the filbert tree to sleep and were gone in the morning.  They are beautiful animals.

Carmelia Marshall



Kindness appreciated

Our family finds it rare these days to witness true great service and kindness.  It has been a challenging time for us and a few days ago, our daughter asked us to take her to the dentist to get rid of her toothache.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t address the issue right away.

Then, on April 17, the day before the beginning of Easter long weekend, we got a bit of a break.  However, we only had a few hours left before the dental offices closed.  It could mean prolonging the throbbing and stabbing toothache our daughter was suffering with if we didn’t get her an appointment.

We called dentists who may be able to help her out, but none  could help as it was understandably a short notice.

Despite their tight schedule, however, Dr. Thomas Rahkola and the staff at Carmi Dental Center squeezed our daughter in for an appointment.  They took care of her right away.

Our daughter is now feeling better and we are so grateful for kind and empathetic folks like Dr. Thomas Rahkola and the staff at Carmi Dental Center.  We just wish we all rewire ourselves to be like them.  Thank you.

Ana Mantac


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