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Liberal divide and conquer strategy

Canada has not pulled its military weight since 1968

Liberal divide and conquer strategy

President Trump said what had to be said; Canada has not pulled its military weight since 1968.

At the end of the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Navy was the fourth largest navy; the Royal Canadian Air Force was the third largest air force. The Canadian Army had six full divisions, small numbers by world standards but very effective.

During the NATO troop commitment to the alliance in western Europe, after the Korean War, Canada committed a heavy brigade stationed in West Germany and France. The RCN provided two destroyer squadrons plus an aircraft carrier; (an anti-Submarine navy — one of the best in all NATO navy’s) on the North Atlantic Ocean. Canadian troops were an all volunteer force and we were surrounded by a sea of (conscripted militaries). We served from the mid 1950’s to 1968; when a man named Pierre Elliott Trudeau suddenly appeared out of the blue. Note: Trudeau was Canada’s “most infamous draft dodger during the Second World War.” Before PET arrived, Canadian troops were recognized as the pride and envy of the alliance: Trudeau soon destroyed our “wonderful reputation.”

By the time PET arrived, I had completed two NATO tours with the brigade in West Germany, going overseas in 1961 as part of the brigade’s expansion due to the Berlin Wall Crisis in ‘61. Canada was the only Second World War nation that did not suffer major war damage. We could have and should have committed much more than we did. Where we had a brigade, we should have had a division. Where we had an air division we should have a group. Where we had a destroyer force, we should have had a fleet.

This is what Canada has done for nearly 50 years since Trudeau was elected in ‘68. We have ridden on the military backs of our American friends and allies since ‘68. The Quebec French Canadians have been running Canada since ‘68, and it shows. Unfortunately everything they touch turns into barn yard droppings.

In 1968, Trudeau, by unifying the Canadian Armed Forces, destroyed the military, he also destroyed the RCMP. He caused as much damage as Canada could have suffered after a major military defeat. The disaster at Dieppe in 1942 comes to mind. Trudeau’s unification destroyed the morale, pride and history of Canadian Forces and the RCMP. He put the army, navy and air force into a single force and he put all of us in a green army uniform. By 1970, the Candian Forces and RCMP were failing. We could not meet our NORAD or NATO responsibilities. At one time, we were NATO leaders. By 1970, our alliance partners were booing Canada because he was a draft dodger and his actions were seen as insult to injury.

I will go further and willingly declare that Trudeau was a traitor. He and his group of Quebec traitors stayed in university to avoid the draft. Scores of Second World War veterans have told me (my peers generation), that while in university, Trudeau and his pals wrote the Quebec Separation Manifesto.

Canada should have a military of at least 300,000 personnel. Today, Russia’s Putin has an Arctic fleet of 140,000 sailors, 40 ice breakers — of which seven or eight are nuclear powered. As we speak he has several Arctic brigades training (winter warfare). God only knows how many nuclear submarines he has in Arctic waters. Unfortunately, Trudeau Jr., could not run a peanut stand or find his fanny with both hands when it comes to things military because he does not have a clue. The same can be said for members of his cabinet, especially his Foreign Affairs minister. Canada’s precarious NAFTA situation is a delicate problem one in which deliberately bashing President Trump should be avoided at all costs.

To former PM Stephen Harper’s credit, he rebuilt half of the RCAF’s transport command, built a new C-130 Hercules squadron, a new Chinook helicopter squadron and four C-17 heavy lift strategic transport aircraft. He should have bought a complete squadron. Had he stayed in office he would have finished the job. For 50 years the Liberals have talked about military spending when they actually do the opposite. The latest announcement will soon be seen for what it is — more of the same Liberal divide and conquer strategy.

Ernie Slump, Canadian Army retired,