Might is Right: B.C.’s modern-day right-wing leaders

B.C.’s modern-day right-wing leaders

W.A.C. Bennett proclaimed Social Credit would be his guiding light but soon realized that sounded far too trite.

Bill Bennett was known to be extremely tight and ended up looking more like a blaggard than a white knight.

Bill Vander Zalm gave every British Columbian a terrible fright when he kept saying, “Fantastic,” every day and every night.

Rita Johnston was appointed the premier, which later caused an in-house fight, allowing the ‘socialist hordes’ to topple her from that lofty height.

Gordon Campbell helped the so-called Liberals take flight and later posed for a Hawaiian mug shot that was truly an awful sight.

Christy Clark behaves as if she’s extremely bright, but all we really know is her teeth are pearly white.

Lloyd Atkins