Not in B.C.’s interest

Not in B.C.’s interest

It is so painful to watch the loopy NDP and the Greens take over the reigns of power with their wingy hysterics.

Heaven help us all. It is said that if you run naked around a tree at 185,999 miles per second there is a distinct possibility of mating with yourself, or you can bring in a left-leaning government to obtain the exact same effect.

The people of B.C. have poor memories. Do they not remember the damage done during the last leadership of misguided social zealots? In fact, whenever and wherever they attempt to lead, disaster seems to result. Their anti-capitalist, anti-big businesses nonsense will keep B.C. out of the running for decades, just like last time.

Socialist governments usually fail, as past history has shown. Socialism is problematic in that it has gotten us close to the precipice so many times in the past. Plans are already in motion to immediately legislate shutdown of a number of important projects. These nasty tendencies that socialists have are not in B.C.’s best interests because it will introduce political instability at a time the country can least afford it. I can explain it to you lefties, but I cannot understand it for you.

Paul Crossley