Jorja Turpin fakes out Ken Simpson, with Declan Remmigton in the background, during a drill in the Penticton Harlequins touch rugby session at McNicoll Park Oval on June 12. Emanuel Sequeira/Western News

Kids get the touch on rugby

The Penticton Harlequins introduced kids to rugby through touch game

Bursting speed, fancy moves and the occasional goofing off was all part of the Penticton Harlequins touch rugby program.

The rugby club wraps up the touch program next week at McNicoll Oval after starting it in mid-April.

“We’re having fun,” said instructor Ken Simpson. “Just running and getting in shape.”

They had a dozen register, and while legitimate games were not played, they still had fun.

“We’re teaching them to run at pace. The only way to advance the ball is to run with it,” he said. “That’s something that is hard to even teach adults. These kids are picking it up.”

Simpson and another coach help the kids develop other skills as well. The kids are enthusiastic and show desire to work on drills. Most of the kids arrive at the field before Simpson does.

“It’s a good sign that they enjoy it and they want to learn,” he said.

Kids interested can come out for a session at McNicoll Park Oval Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.



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Elias Hunt, right, gets going full speed with Raileh McEachern trying to make the tag with Callum Turpin supporting behind during the Penticton Harlequins touch rugby session at McNicoll Park Oval. The final sessions were held this week. Emanuel Sequeira/Western News