Glengarry Figure Skating Club member Cloe Robert passed the dance and interpretive test she completed during a test day at the South Okanagan Events Centre. Western News file photo

Okanagan figure skaters pass tests

Glengarry and Summerland figure skaters pass their tests on ice

A trio of Glengarry Skating Club members reached the highest standard level for ice dance on June 3.

Keara Anutooshkin, Isabelle Tuckwood and Jordana McEachern completed their Skate Canada Gold Dance test medal at the Okanagan Hockey Training Centre. It’s the third gold test for Tuckwood and Anutooshkin, the other two coming in interpretive and skills. It’s McEachern’s fourth and final gold test medal, as she also passed her freeskate.

“It’s not very often that a skater passes all four of them, and particularly not at 14 years old,” said Glengarry Skating coach Trevor Buttenham.

Glengarry skaters were joined by members from Summerland and the South Okanagan Skating Club.

Other test results are as follows: Freeskate – Sr Bronze Part 1 (Elements); Cyan Nickel (Summerland Skating Club) , Sr Bronze Part 2 (Program); Kaylee Fortunato (SSC), Jr Silver Part 2 (Program); Saki Smith (SSC), Sr Silver Part 2 (Progam); Patricia Fortunato (SSC).

Skills- Jr Bronze; Danica Hipolito (SSC) , Sr Bronze; Jocelyn Erdt (SSC), Sr Silver; Saki Smith (SSC)

Dance-European Waltz; Jocelyn Erdt (SSC), Keats Foxtrot; Amy Slater, Harris Tango; Cloe Robert, American Waltz; Cloe Robert,

Killian; Kaylee Fortunato, Quickstep; Jordana McEachern, Isabelle Tuckwood, Abigayle Mantua (SOSC), Westminster Waltz; Jordana McEachern, Isabelle Tuckwood, Keara Anutooshkin, Viennese Waltz; Jordana McEachern.


Intro; Cloe Robert and Bronze; Amy Slater.