FOCUSED SHOOTER — Basketball camp instructor Landry Ndayitwayeko helps Nathan Tinker with his shooting skills at Penticton Secondary School Thursday during the boys session of the Penticton Basketball Camp. Ndayitwayeko is the lead assistant coach for the university Jr. Heat program in Kelowna. Mark Brett/Western News

Players improve fundamentals at camp

Penticton Basketball Camp helps boys focus on fundamental skills

There was high energy hitting the court at the Penticton Basketball Camp boys section this week at Pen High.

“It started off a little slow. The coaches had to bring the energy early on, but now it’s gotten to the point where everybody is competing hard,” said Yassine Ghomari, assistant coach of the UBCO Heat mens team on Thursday. “You can see the development already.”

Ghomari and was assisted by Landry Ndayitwayeko, also an assistant coach with the Heat mens team. They worked with 38 campers emphasising fundamentals and station work, competition on the court and 3-on-3 games. There was a good mix of competitive drills and fundamentals. There was also work trying to get rid of bad habits in the boys who possessed a wide range of skill levels.

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“There is a couple of very elite and very skilled players,” said Ghomari, who played professionally with the Gladstone Australia Power Tigers. “A lot in the middle of the pack where they are close, but they just need that consistent coaching to kind of get them to that next level. We have a few beginners in here. They are all learning faster than they would be otherwise.”

The camp wrapped up today at Pen High. Next week the Penticton Basketball Camp switches to its female section from Aug. 14 to 17.