Bob Handfield

Garden showcases area’s habitat

During the late 1980s Okanagan College instructor and naturalist Ruth St John was concerned about the disappearing natural habitat in the immediate environs of Penticton, but unlike some people who worry about things but take no action, Ruth got busy.

Major quake unlikely to hit Okanagan

Earthquakes have certainly been in the news over the past few years and rightly so. Although the earth and its inhabitants suffer from a variety of natural disasters every year from hurricanes to floods, most of them can be predicted in advance. Hurricanes can generally be predicted at least a few days in advance and even tornadoes can usually be predicted at least hours in advance. But earthquakes are an entirely different matter. Despite the best efforts of geologists over the past decades, earthquakes still come with zero warning.

The law of unintended consequences

It is rather amazing how often well-intentioned human activities have unintended (and often disastrous) consequences. This “law of unintended consequences” happens in economics, politics and of course ecosystems, generally as the result of applying simple solutions to complex systems.