Don Kendall

Utility rates a shock to the system

Since 2007, BC Hydro and Fortis have become the blunt instruments of public policy

Emergencies erode freedoms

Column from Penticton Western News publisher Mark Walker

The politics behind hospital expansions

Decisions about investments of the scale of an expanded PRH are not made on the basis of demand and return on investment

Court decision a blow to free speech

Supreme Court rules that if someone fears harm, no proof of harm is required to bring about the full force of the law

B.C. can’t afford Liberal budget

Budget identifies $1.1 billion in waste and government finds new places to waste it

Green initiatives a waste of energy

Neither provincial party is, or should be particularly concerned about the climate. There is too much money at stake

B.C. needs to look at own fiscal issues

B.C. residents wrong to think we have less to worry about regarding our financial situation compared to U.S.

Election signals American decline

American voters have discovered under Obama they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury

Municipalities neglect basic services

Over the past three decades, municipalities in B.C. have generally misspent property taxes, on non-essential programs and services

Penticton’s Ironman challenge

Thirty years is a long time for an annual event to survive. Ironman Canada did more than survive in Penticton; it prospered

Clark is constitutionally challenged

B.C. premier's handling of the Northern Gateway pipeline shows her inexperience

Alternative energy hits fiscal reality

B.C. government realizing that move to alternative energy carries a high cost, financially and politically

Don’t expect something for nothing

Penticton Western News publisher Mark Walker exmas the problems with Princeton hospital and health care.

History reshapes Canadian identity

The prevailing and distorted view of our history is one that suggests Canada’s founders celebrated social democracy and collectivist notions

Pipeline policy reveals shift in NDP support

B.C. NDP relying more heavily on public sector and teachers unions, along with radical environmentalists

Alberta a bad blueprint for Clark

B.C. premier shouldn't see Conservatives as a bigger threat than the NDP

Constitution no cause for celebration

The defining legacy of prime minister Trudeau has stripped away many of the freedoms Canadians once enjoyed

Political turmoil is bad for business

Premier Clark needs to take a more business-friendly approach to stem threat from B.C. Conservatives

Media becoming the message

Robocall scandal is the mainstream media's idea of a vast Conservative conspiracy

BCTF fails province’s teachers

Union's demands do little to serve the needs of their membership