Don Kendall

Three steps forward, one step back

Bill C-30 flies in stark contrast to Conservative legislation promoting greater freedoms

Other people’s money in short supply

European Union and climate change are the great failed socialist experiments of the last 100 years

Denial of rights reaches the end of the road

The B.C. Supreme Court slapped the wrists of the B.C. Liberals by ruling B.C.’s roadside convictions unconstitutional.

Carbon tax puts B.C. at disadvantage

The B.C. Liberals climbed aboard the “low carbon” bandwagon, largely in an effort to claim the “green” high ground from the NDP

Winds of change prove costly

Proposed wind farm will be subsidized through higher utility rates

This is what democracy looks like

Occupy protesters want to dismantle the same system that gives them the right to exist

Premier’s jobs plan doesn’t work

Now Christy Clark wants to create jobs. One wonders why the change of heart. After spending the first half year of her regime introducing a spate of NDP-inspired job-killing policies, now Clark believes she can somehow “create” jobs with a speech or two and a visit to the Far East.

Vote offers Liberals immunity

Media types and drive-by politicians will be quick to suggest the recent referendum on the HST was an "exercise in democracy". The fact that most of those making this claim are thrilled with the result begs the question that had the vote gone against them, would democracy have been served just as well?

Mob mentality on streets and online

Last Wednesday most of Canada witnessed a televised riot in the streets of Vancouver. The mob mentality live and on camera. Over the past week we have also witnessed an online vigilante mob as Vancouver area residents exercise righteous indignation posting publicly, the names, addresses and workplaces of individuals seen on TV in the Wednesday riot.

B.C.’s narrowing political divide

Stockwell Day, former Reform Alliance Party leader and Conservative Party member for Okanagan Coquihalla has come out four square in favour of Christy Clark and her merry band of progressives. The political calculus of Day, and many others who purport to represent the right side of the political spectrum in B.C., is that the right must support Clark, lest the right-wing vote be split (presumably with B.C. Conservatives) and Dix and the NDP win the province.

Politicians leading from behind

As the U.S. dithered about how to go about leading the bombing of Gadhafi into the stone age, without actually appearing to lead, an Obama operative, proudly proclaimed that President Obama was “leading from behind”.

Harper overcomes media’s message

That the Conservatives won a majority on Monday should have been no surprise to much of the Canadian media, had they not been busy cheerleading for anyone but Harper throughout the election. When it became apparent early in the campaign that Ignatieff was as woeful a campaigner as he is a politician, the folks at CBC, CTV, Global and the print media abandoned the Liberal bandwagon and clambered aboard the NDP express.

Minimum wage costs unskilled workers

Throughout the Liberal leadership campaign, Christy Clark threatened to “unleash the power of Families First” on the B.C. economy. Nobody, besides Clark, really knew what that meant, but Wednesday afternoon we found out. Clark ran as a Liberal, and that is what she is proving to be.

Clark opens door for conservative shift

Christy Clark won the Liberal leadership on Saturday and is poised to become our next premier. Her margin of victory was slim (four percentage points) by any measure, and the indifference to her win by many in the Liberal Party is palpable. Clark now leads a party that is, if not divided, disillusioned.

Carbon tax flies under the radar

The current leadership contests for the main B.C. political parties are the…

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