Dodi Morrison

Frank Chubb remembered for Marriage Encounter

Ever since Frank Chubb’s death I’ve been wanting to write about him

Loss of Layton leaves a hole in Canadian politics

It was a sad day for Canada when we lost Jack Layton.

Book the culmination of years of effort

For years I have produced what other writers kindly call “creative non-fiction.” And for years my prize-winning sister Heather Spears has been urging me to gather it all together in a book. I resisted for years — I could not imagine anyone wanting to read the articles, columns and broadcasts I had produced.

Book on prison doesn’t paint a pretty picture

I have been watching closely all the letters and now the vote on a correctional institute in our area. Having just finished reading Jeffrey Archer’s Prison Diaries I feel much more educated as to how these places are run. It’s not a pretty picture.

An inspiration to young and old

Wendy Williams is “a pretty little thing” many might say. “Probably hasn’t a serious thought in her head.”

Ready or not election upon us

Well, an election which “nobody wanted” but everyone needed is now on…

The perfect book for every Canadian

The Best Laid Plans is the book that recently won the CBC…

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