EDITORIAL: Government expenses at whose expense?

When elected officials start expensing thousands on frivolous things, it shows how easy it is to abuse an expense account.

U.S. Consulate General to hold pop-up consul in Kelowna

Calling all Americans looking for information on absentee voting and more

EDITORIAL: Back to school speed zones

The leaves are edging towards their fall colors and the days are cooling off; in short, summer is quickly drawing to a close.

EDITORIAL: Time for Penticton to bring out the welcoming mat

Just as businesses need to put out the welcome mat, so do all members of the community.

EDITORIAL:Time to upgrade our courthouse

Penticton is a big enough city that it is time for the courthouse upgrades rather than move trials to Kelowna.

EDITORIAL: It takes a village to beat homelessness

When it comes to the problem of homelessness, it’s easy to think of it as only a “real” problem in big cities, like Vancouver.

EDITORIAL: City hall stuck in the middle on marijuana debate

The situation the City of Penticton finds itself in is very real, and it’s nothing to joke about.

EDITORIAL Communication breakdown:

When it comes to setting examples for engaging the community, Penticton is not the first place that is going to be chosen.

EDITORIAL: Pot issue not going away

Council separated out the issue of storefront marijuana sales from whether Jukka Laurio should have a business licence.

EDITORIAL: Feds need to move on marijuana

If a law is bad, we need to have the law changed, not complain that the authorities are upholding it.

EDITORIAL: Apology needed

At some point or another, everyone says something they really wish they hadn’t.

EDITORIAL: Parking spot mathematics

If you are the owner of an empty lot, charging for parking on it can make for a nice steady income.

EDITORIAL: Dream destination

There is something to be said for living in B.C., more so in the Okanagan, and even more in Penticton.

EDITORIAL: Rainbow message

It is hard to imagine a better place for a rainbow crosswalk than leading up to the entrance doors of a high school.

EDITORIAL: Power of public art

Public art can have a powerful effect on a community.

EDITORIAL: Wary of political pronouncements

It’s a time-worn tradition, in the months leading up to an election, to give away or re-announce a whole bunch of money for stuff.

EDITORIAL: Education funding

A rural education fund that may take Trout Creek Elementary off the list of schools to be closed at the end of this school year.

EDITORIAL: No easy fixes for housing rental market

House prices are in stunning ascent around B.C. with no clear end in sight.

Golf BC raises $150,000 for charity with inaugural PGA of Canada event in Kelowna

The Mackenzie Tour raised $75,000 matched by GolfBC’s charitable arm, for a total of $150,000 awarded to the BC Cancer Foundation

EDITORIAL: Tax Freedom Day

It is fitting Tax Freedom Day usually falls in mid-June.