EDITORIAL: Getting engaged

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit said one of the lessons city council learned was the need better engagement with the population.

EDITORIAL: Keep your eyes on the road

There is no doubt that using a cell phone or worse, texting, takes your attention away from driving.

EDITORIAL: Undermining the information act

Changes to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act will gravely damage the media's ability to conduct investigations.

EDITORIAL: Sister city relationship

Next year will be the 40th anniversary of Penticton’s sister city relationship with Ikeda, Japan.

EDITORIAL: School closures

School closures are probably inevitable, if not now, then later.

EDITORIAL: Checking out on libraries

In Penticton, our library had to cut Sunday from their schedule in order to be able to continue operating under their budget.

EDITORIAL: Ban big money

The numbers can’t be surprising but they are interesting nonetheless.

EDITORIAL: Kampe’s contributions

Over the years, David Kampe has consistently refused to have the spotlight turned on himself.

EDITORIAL: Scam alert

At this time of year, the Canada Revenue Agency tax scam, in particular, is making its return like clockwork.


If you haven’t been accused of being a NIMBY in Penticton, just be patient. Chance are you will be, sooner or later.

EDITORIAL: United tourism voice

Over the last four or five years, we’ve often referred to tourism marketing in Penticton as being on a roller coaster.

EDITORIAL: Fire remains a burning concern

However big or small the number of fires caused by humans is, it’s still too large.

EDITORIAL: Best judgement

Running a decision-making meeting that late into the evening should be a cause for concern.

EDITORIAL: Sounding off

When, exactly, did the sound of children laughing and playing become unpleasant to listen to?

EDITORIAL: To connect or not to connect

Mike de Jong is a Renaissance man. In an odd, back-to-the-future kind of way.

EDITORIAL: Budget math

A $29-billion deficit budget seems a bit more than Canadians bargained for.

EDITORIAL: Find a solution

Penticton has a problem with its public buildings.

EDITORIAL: Turning up the heat on solar

Last Saturday, First things First hosted their first Solar Fair in the Centre of Excellence at Okanagan College.

EDITORIAL: Recognizing women’s rights

Yesterday we once again recognized the women in our world on International Women’s Day.

EDITORIAL: Politics similar at all levels

It is easy to laugh at, or be horrified by, the antics of Donald Trump as he edges ever closer to the Republican nomination.