EDITORIAL: Four cups of coffee a month

In an effort to make the increase seem even more palatable, city council discussion turned to expressing tax increases in cups of coffee.

EDITORIAL: School facilities vital to community

Schools serve as a hub for all sorts of activities from sports to gathering places, both formal meetings and chance encounters.

EDITORIAL: Cheers to BC Winter Games volunteers

It’s important to stop for a moment and recognize the massive effort that has gone into making this event a success.

EDITORIAL: It all started with a simple pink shirt

It’s a lot to ask from some pink shirts, but the annual reminder about the problem of bullying does offer hope.

EDITORIAL: Family Day events should be free

For some families, that $25 is a major stumbling block; money they can’t afford to pay out.

EDITORIAL: Hard reality of the city budget

Over the last few years, Penticton residents have enjoyed something of a tax holiday.

EDITORIAL: Shedding some light on the budget canopy

When it comes to any city’s budgeting process, there are some things that are fixed costs.

EDITORIAL: Right decision not to freeze out lacrosse

Council made the right decision in voting to make room for lacrosse in Memorial Arena this spring.

EDITORIAL: Perceptions of a park

The onus is on the councillors, the decision-makers, to step into the public’s shoes.

EDITORIAL: Legal limbo on marijuana laws

Though it was an election promise, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals aren’t going to be able to legalize marijuana overnight.

EDITORIAL: Tourism hope

It’s long past time for the drama that is Penticton tourism to come to an end.

EDITORIAL: Pay to play

So far it’s not surprising that there was an immediate backlash to Penticton’s new parking strategy.

EDITORIAL: Keep everyone in the loop

It’s become a go-to phrase for all levels of government — local, provincial and federal.

EDITORIAL: Concrete idea

Highway 97 isn’t inherently dangerous, but there are preventative measures that can keep accidents from becoming tragedies.

EDITORIAL: Rate hikes come with new year

Increasingly, Jan. 1 has also come to mark the day when yet more rate hikes take effect.

EDITORIAL: Have a safe and happy New Year

Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to celebrate all that was 2015 and pledge to make 2016 even better.

EDITORIAL: Christmas is a time for hope

As we grow up, Christmas wishes tend to grow more complicated.

EDITORIAL: Another thread in the tapestry

Canada is a mosaic of cultures and peoples, and proudly so.

EDITORIAL: Truth and Reconciliation

Six-year journey to reach final report of the Truth and Reconciliation commission, but this shouldn’t be considered the end of the trail.

EDITORIAL: Decisions made in the best interest of who?

Council is trying hard to make this community a better place, but perhaps they need to use a little more of their own common sense