EDITORIAL: Distracted by the pretty lights

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in Penticton, so why are they spending on pretty baubles?

EDITORIAL: Caution on the roads

It still feels weird to be driving home from work in the dark.

EDITORIAL: Benefits outweigh the parking issues of Casino

It’s doubtful that a major project could be constructed in Penticton (or anywhere else) without somebody complaining.

EDITORIAL: Positives and negatives on school closures

Closing schools is never going to be an easy thing to do.

EDITORIAL: Time to come together

That leaves us with the question, what should humanity’s response be?

EDITORIAL: Cabinet shuffle

We have to wait and see how this cabinet works together in running the country, but the potential is there for positive change.

EDITORIAL: Plan needed for mail delivery

We hope Canada Post will take some time to develop a plan serving the needs of all their customers.

EDITORIAL: Tough decision but for the best

For years, the Okanagan Skaha School district has struggled with declining enrolment and shrinking budgets

EDITORIAL: New approach to leadership signalled

On Monday, voters across Canada dealt Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party a stinging rebuke .

EDITORIAL: Canadians speak with their votes

Stephen Harper said it, and his campaign organizers tried very hard to reinforce the idea this election was not about him.

EDITORIAL: Marathon election campaign finally comes to an end

There are no right or wrong answers, only the pride that comes from being part of the democratic process.

EDITORIAL: The argument for online voting

Despite all these advances, we’re still voting with pencils and little slips of perforated paper.

EDITORIAL: Gridlocked

The City of Penticton seems convinced that 12-foot wide sidewalks is an essential element of making Downtown Penticton more vibrant.

EDITORIAL: Drop in the bucket

Let’s hope once the province gets to the table, it also steps up the financial support to make the other resources workable.

Two businesses burnt in downtown Penticton fire

200 block of main street in Penticton closed due to structure fire

EDITORIAL: Parking retail in green space

Vendors do add to the life of parks, but there needs to be a limit set on the growth of commercial activity in the city’s parks.

Skaha Lake Park battle heading to the courts

Save Skaha Park has taken their opposition to the leasing of a portion of the park to B.C. Supreme court, filing a civil suit

EDITORIAL: Sign of the times

Candidates, in any election, would be better off redirecting the time and effort of sign coverage into communicating their message.

EDITORIAL: Polling is a numbers game

Every politician and would-be MP or MLA knows, or at least they should, that polling numbers don’t translate into seats.

EDITORIAL: Protect the vulnerable

Any of us can be the victim of a fraud, but the lowlifes who run this sort of crime like best to victimize the elderly.