Gwynne Dyer

DYER STRAITS: The Danish Santa

Countries laying claim to North Pole, but is there anything there really worth fighting for?

DYER STRAITS: Artificial Intelligence threat

It may be hard to write an algorithmic moral code strong enough to constrain and contain super-smart software.

DYER STRAITS: “Global” terrorism index

The Global Terrorism Index has some useful observations to offer.

DYER STRAITS: Breakthrough on Climate Change

It’s the U.S. that cannot be trusted to keep its commitments, because the American political system is mired in a perpetual civil war

DYER STRAITS: 25 Years Later: The Berlin Wall

It was the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, 1989, that really opened the flood-gates.

DYER STRAITS: Three elections

Last Sunday was a busy day: three elections, in three different continents, all of them offering at least the hope of better times.

DYER STRAITS: Fusion power: Goodbye fossil fuels?

Major-league good news about a working nuclear fusion reactor that puts out more energy than it consumes in five years.

DYER STRAITS: Oil: blind-sided by technology

The only major oil exporters that are not in deep trouble are the Arab countries.

DYER STRAITS: Recognising Palestine

It’s a slow process, this business of getting recognised as an independent state, but the Palestinians are making progress.

Dyer Straits: Ukraine end game all about will

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko shouldn't make promises he can't keep.

DYER STRAITS: Iraq: Time for a tranquilizer and clarity

Media will go on fizzing with apocalyptic speculations for a week or so, but the war of movement is over.

DYER STRAITS: India and China: The tortoise and the hare

“India’s century” is a misleading phrase, of course, because no country gets to own a whole century.

DYER STRAITS: Thailand – waiting for the coup

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has come through for the opposition once again.

DYER STRAITS: Israel: The ‘A’ word is coming out again

Hillary Clinton would never have used the word when she was U.S. Secretary of State, because she still has presidential ambitions

DYER STRAIT: To stay or go, the Scottish neverendum

The referendum on Scotland’s independence is only six months away and the No side will probably win.

DYER STRAITS: 2013 — wars on the ground and in cyber space

Unless you just want a list of events, a year-end piece should try to identify where the flow of events is really taking us.

DYER STRAITS: Nelson Mandela: Peace At Last

He was not a saint; he was just a man. But he was the right man at the right time.

DYER STRAITS: Ukraine caught between EU and Russia

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych had much explaining to do at the summit meeting of the European Union in Vilnius, Lithuania.

DYER STRAITS: Iran and the U.S.: neither blind nor stupid

Obama needs more time to work on Congress. But Israel may still win this tug-of-war.

DYER STRAITS: Georgia’s Ivanishvili: Just Another Messiah

Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili of Georgia doesn’t actually wear a mask, but he is mysterious enough without one.