Gwynne Dyer

The downfall of the National Security Agency

Politicians and government officials rarely tell outright lies; the cost of being caught out in a lie is too high.

DYER STRAITS: African presidents don’t need immunity

The AU’s modest proposal has been greeted with an outcry all over the continent.

DYER STRAITS: Two countries take the road not taken

Two governments did bold, brave things last week. One of them quit and called a new election even though it had a viable majority.

DYER STRAITS: Merkel still strong as allies weaken

It’s not a question of whether “Mutti” (Mom) will still be in power after the German election this Sunday.

DYER STRAITS: Psychodrama in the Hamlet of the Patomac

The psychodrama in Washington grows ever more bizarre.

DYER STRAITS: The World’s Most Important Hamburger

The most important hamburger in the history of the world was cooked (but only half-eaten) in London on Monday.

DYER STRAITS: End of the Arab Spring?

There is a good deal of chatter in the media about the “end of the Arab Spring,” some who can barely conceal their delight.

DYER STRAITS – Egypt and Turkey: Democracy in trouble

Egypt and Turkey have the same basic political problem.

U.S. entangled in red line on poison gas

President Barack Obama has been trapped by his own promise to arm Syrian rebels

DYER STRAITS: Mandela’s legacy will live on

Mandela has laid the foundations. He was the right man for the job: a saint who also understood realpolitik.

3D printing, the next big thing

There are not all that many 3D printers in circulation yet, but in five or 10 years they may be as common as mobile phones.

World actually a pretty peaceful place

There are close to 200 independent countries in the world, and only one in a hundred is currently at war

A political transformation in Japan

After a spectacularly unsuccessful term as Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe has adopted a different approach in his second try

Chemical fantasies and grim reality in Syria

No Western government — nor any Arab government, either — is willing to put soldiers on the ground in Syria

A rather small weapon of mass destruction

U.S. Department of Justice calls homemade bomb used at Boston Marathon a weapon of mass destruction

Threats inflated to fill the space

Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution

Thatcher led the shift to the right

Margaret Thatcher the first to realize it was possible to win elections on a platform that simply ignored the wishes and needs of the poor

Grillosconi Wins, Europe loses

The winner of last week’s election in Italy was a mythical beast called “Grillosconi”

Decline of the West far from imminent

A shift in the world’s centre of economic gravity does not necessarily spell doom for those whose relative influence has dwindled

Imperial papacy stays the course

Benedict was chosen by his colleagues because they believed that he would fight off fundamental change, and he performed his duty well