Gwynne Dyer

Victory in Mali remains unclear

As usual, a well-trained Western army has gone through a virtually untrained force of African rebels like a hot knife through butter

New hope for Korean reform

Can the West believe Kim Jong-Un intends to end the tyranny imposed on North Korea?

French stars look to Russia with love

Oscar-winning actor Gerard Depardieu receives Russian citizenship and a 13 per cent tax rate

Myths persist over energy production

The prediction that the United States will be the world’s biggest oil producer by 2017 is nonsense

Can artificial intelligence pose a threat?

If self-conscious machine intelligence does emerge, will it inevitably see human beings as rivals and threats?

America’s deadly culture of guns

Last week's tragedy in Newtown, Conn. is the seventh massacre this year in which four or more people were killed by a lone gunman

Coasting towards a climate disaster

Geo-engineering could be the last hope to reverse climate change, though the undesirable side-effects could be very large

Mideast peace process is long dead

It’s as if the world’s leaders were earnestly warning us that global warming will cause the extinction of the dinosaurs

Separatist dreams rarely based in reality

Separatist movements in democratic countries of the West are generally peaceful, frivolous and unsuccessful

Countries caught up in nuclear madness

Move away from nuclear energy will result in more use of fossil fuels and rising greenhouse gases

Military action brings political fallout

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has nothing to gain in the upcoming elections by attacking Gaza this month

Climate change in Obama’s second term

Obama rarely start fights he cannot win, and this could be why he left climate change for when he no longer must worry about re-election

Changing the guard in China

Family of new Chinese leader Xi Jinping has property and investments worth at least $300 million

The other Cuban Missile Crisis

This is the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, although a new book reveals the crisis continued longer than previously thought

European Union’s Nobel booby prize

Decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union met with criticism

Crisis won’t topple Iranian regime

Near collapse of Iran's currency primarily caused by international sanctions

Putting nukes in the cupboard

Britain a likely candidate to begin the reduction of nuclear weapons

Insulting Muslims serves extremists’ purpose

The Christian fanatics and the Muslim extremists are, in the old Marxist phrase, “objective allies.”

Election will make little difference to U.S. foreign policy

Although Republicans view Obama as a wild-eyed radical who is dismantling America’s defences, his foreign policy is anything but

The strange case of Julian Assange

Controversy continues to swirl around WikiLeaks founder