Gwynne Dyer

New cold war takes shape in the Arctic

Governments around the Arctic Ocean are beefing up their armed forces for the coming struggle for resources

Weather patterns promise a wild ride

Weather records falling and extreme storms becoming more frequent

Oil sanctions taking toll on Iran

Some would argue that the European Union’s oil sanctions against Iran are a double triumph for Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Why Russia continues to back Assad

United Nations has no intention of sending troops to Syria, even if the Russians and Chinese didn't veto the decision

Assad sees civil war as best option

Assad has little reason to fear retaliation from the West over the ongoing bloodshed in Syria

How the Afghan war ends

Penticton Western News columnist Gwynne Dyer writes about pulling NATO troops out of Afghanistan

Greek default not fatal for European Union

The euro as we know it is likely doomed, but the EU survived perfectly well for 40 years without a common currency

A bloody end to non-violent revolution

Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria continues to use massive military force against civilians

Counting down to Global Zero

Keeping bomb-grade nuclear material out of the wrong hands requires a high level of international co-operation

Putin’s victory will be short-lived

Putin is demagogic, cunning and ruthless, but he is not actually a dictator and his regime is more fragile than it look

The deadly new division of Africa

Oil and religion prove a deadly mix on the Dark Continent

No escape to tragedy in Syria

As Syria drifts inexorably towards a catastrophic civil war, nobody is willing to put troops into the country

Defence budgets and cavemen

Military budgets defy the modern reality that global domination will be determined by economics

Dramatic events helped shape 2011

Arab Spring, euro crisis and abandoning efforts to halt climate change made 2011 a year to remember

Putting North Korea in perspective

Wacky dictators pose less of a threat than research into deadly virus

Ceasefire called for in war on drugs

President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia calls for new approach on drug laws

Change spreads through Arab League

Suddenly, this year, the Arab League woke up and changed sides

Peace in the Basque Country?

Conference will probably lead to the end of the long and violent campaign for Basque independence

The martyrdom of Yulia Tymoshenko

There are three obvious explanations for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s behaviour in the case of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who has just been sentenced to seven years in prison and a $186 million fine for a decision she made while in office that would never end up in court in a normal democratic country. None of the three reflect well on Yanukovych.

Will the euro survive another day?

Few things are as galling as being right too soon. Back in 1970, dissident Soviet historian Andrei Amalrik wrote a book boldly called Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?. He predicted that it would not, which greatly annoyed the Communist regime. He was sent to Siberia for his temerity, and later forced to leave Russia for the West. Even worse, he was wrong. The Soviet Union survived until 1991.