Jason Armstrong

Romcom too much sill nonsense

For a guy who turns 45 years old this fall, it’s time for Adam Sandler to grow up. ‘Course, we are talking about an actor who made a movie called Grown Ups which just happened to be one of the most immature projects ever created. So, suffice to say, I ain’t holding out hope.

The Roommate fails to make the grade

For fear of sounding vanilla, I don’t want to call The Roommate…

Slick remake of ‘70s action flick a hit

If there really must be big, loud re-makes (and apparently, there must), we can at least celebrate the fact that — finally — someone got it right.

King’s Speech a touching portrait

When I was just a little guy, I suffered from a speech impediment. Nothing close to what Colin Firth’s George VI goes through in The King’s Speech — mine was not a stammer, rather a lisp. And while I didn’t have to worry about addressing the British Empire, only talking to other children and occasionally standing up and reading in my otherwise cozy elementary classroom. No big deal, right? Maybe not. But it was at the time. I can still recall the fear — and yes, even the shame — in simply speaking up.