Cannery Brewing’s current location on Ellis Street. (Cannery Brewing - Facebook)

Cannery Brewing’s current location on Ellis Street. (Cannery Brewing - Facebook)

Controversial patio expansion in downtown Penticton to be addressed at council

Cannery Brewing seeks the City’s permission to open a patio on Ellis St.

Penticton Council will today decide whether they support the proposal of a patio expansion at Cannery Brewing.

The recommendation by staff is that Council submits their support to the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch for Cannery Brewing’s application to install an exterior patio.

The brewery, located at 198 Ellis St., is seeking approval for an outdoor, stand alone patio adjacent to their manufacturing building.

In their application, the brewery says their hope is to assist in the current strategy in this area called “Ellis on the Rise” to, “… better the quality of business and services in this location and help revitalize our downtown core.”

If the expansion is approved, the new outdoor seating area would only operate during the summer season and serve a maximum of 199 patrons, with patio service ending at 10 p.m. and amplified music ending at 9 p.m.

Cannery Brewing intends for the majority of the area (30 x 30 feet) to consist of a covered seating area, with the remainder of the space left open to create a small entertainment area for outdoor games and occasionally live music. They also plan to add two outdoor washrooms.

Multiple residents who live close to the Ellis St. area have already voiced many concerns to city council about the patio expansion. The concerns are mostly related to increased traffic, excessive noise, and lack of parking.

However, others have voiced their support for the patio, citing added vibrancy and economic opportunity as their reasons.

City council is set to decide this matter in council today, which starts at 1 p.m. You can read the public’s comments for and against the expansion here, as well as more background on the project, starting on page 55.

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