Fresh look for Lake Breeze Winery

A Naramata winery has undergone changes to both their looks and the way they operate.

A Naramata winery has undergone changes to both its looks and the way it operates in an attempt to not only become more pleasing to the eyes, but the environment as well.

Lake Breeze Vineyards is nearing the end of a series of renovations that has seen a new paint-job and new roofs applied to all buildings, new restrooms and new landscaping.

General manager Launa Maundrell said the facelift was needed.

“It was about time,” she said. “The place was built in ’95, with additions in 2000 when the new owners took ownership of the place. It was time for an update, just to look a little more current. As well, things were starting to look a little tired.”

However, she added that the renovations haven’t changed the experience the winery offers.

“Even though it’s a little more upscale looking, it’s the same: friendly and welcoming,” Maundrell said. “I think that’s what we’re known for, and that’s certainly what we hear from our regular customers; that it’s not an intimidating experience.”

Not only has the winery updated its look, but the way it operates as well.

On top of getting rid of paper towels in their restrooms, the winery has installed a Vivreau water system, which Maundrell said will make a world of difference.

“In past years, we were importing water from Italy — Pellegrino and stuff like that — shipping it across the continents, and selling it,” she said. “Now, the Vivreau system gives us filtered sparkling or still water, so it’s every bit as good and no shipping is required.”

As well, the winery is placing a new emphasis on local goods.

“We’ve ensured that the retail we’re selling in our wine shop are locally sourced,” said Maundrell. “We’re trying to eliminate the gadgets from China and trying to focus on the local art, and that kind of thing.”