Scions bolster Penticton Toyota lineup

Pentictonites now have more options when they are looking for a vehicle.

Larry Pidperyhora Jr.

Larry Pidperyhora Jr.

Pentictonites now have more options when they are looking for a vehicle.

Scion Canada announced its expansion in July bringing over 50 new Scion dealerships to Canada, including the newly embedded dealership at the Skaha Lake Rd. Toyota dealership.

The announcement brings five new models to the dealership with the Scion tC, the SmartCar-like iQ, the rear wheel drive, two-door FR-S and the iM five-door hatchback coming this fall. All adding to the existing lineup of Toyota models available at the dealership.

“We’re excited, what can I say? The lineup that Scion currently has is a very good compliment to what we don’t have in our lineup now, and we have 17 different models in the Toyota lineup,” said Larry Pidperyhora, dealer principle for Skaha Lake Rd. Toyota. “We don’t really have anything in the Toyota lineup of that nature, so it’s a really good compliment to what we don’t have.”

These additions make the Skaha Lake Road Toyota the only place to get Scion vehicles and parts in the South Okanagan.

“We have it exclusively in the South Okanagan, so that’s kind of exciting for us,” Pidperyhora said.

The Scion models are built on customization. Every vehicle is designed to be a blank canvas, with options for accessories and parts making each vehicle unique and custom-fitted to the owner.

“You turn it into the Scion you want,” said Larry Pidperyhora Jr., who has become the Scion expert at the dealership. “You personalize it based on you and your lifestyle and your accessories and your aesthetics, wheels, tires and spoilers, things like that.”

“You make it your own vehicle. They come one way and you decide what you turn it into,”Pidperyhora Jr. said.

The dealership will soon feature an interactive display where customers can walk up to a kiosk fitted with computers that allow them to custom build their own vehicle and see it get realized instantly.

“You come up and you’re interactive in how you build your car,” Pidperyhora Jr. said, adding the feature appeals to the younger demographic with the hope of easing in younger buyers coming into their first vehicle purchase.

The Scion name is a nameplate and marquee of Toyota, meaning the vehicles are all built by Toyota with the engines and the power trains being created by Toyota engineering.

“They are very unique. They fill the void Toyota has been missing for the last few years I feel. We have some two-door coupes and some sports cars and some more entertaining and exciting vehicles. They are all also incredibly affordable,” Pidperyhora Jr. said.

The lowest starting price is the iQ starting at $16,995.