Striving for a clean drink of revitalized water

A new company based in Keremeos is providing a water treatment process that revitalizes water to its natural state.

A new company based in Keremeos is providing a water treatment process that revitalizes water to its natural state.

Florian Scharlock, co-owners with his dad Charly Scharlock and step-mom Lisa Zbinden-Scharlock, are distributors for EWO (Energy Water Optimization) which is an Austrian company that makes water vitalization devices. Water vitalization is a natural water treatment process that provides many benefits according to Florian.

“The idea of water vitalization originated in Austria by a forester who spent a lot of time observing how water behaves in and moves in nature in mountain rivers and creeks. He took those ideas to vitalizing water through miles and miles of pipes, pressure and unnatural things,” said Florian.

The Scharlock’s moved to Valemount, B.C. nine years ago from Basel, Switzerland. They operated Twin Peaks Resort for eight years before relocating to Keremeos last summer. Florian lives in Kamloops where he works for Adventure Studies Department at Thompson Rivers University. After retiring from Twin Peaks Resort, Florian said his parents took a personal interest in finding out more about the water they drink.

One of things that they liked about the EWO system was that isn’t as dependent on chemicals or salt like some water softener systems.

“So you don’t have the increased sodium in the water. They are also maintenance free so you don’t have to keep putting money into it in terms of chemicals or salt so they are more cost effective there,” said Florian. “When you vitalize water in a closed circuit like that you get an increase of efficiency, the water stays clear and you don’t get corrosion or deposits.”

While it is a newer concept to most in Canada, Florian said water vitalization was pioneered in Europe about 80 years ago and have been used in practical applications for the last 15 years. Governments, hospitals, universities and hotels are among some of the European clientele that use the EWO system.

“A lot of places in the South Okanagan Similkameen Valley has hard water problems and a lot of people don’t like the taste of water when it’s softened or aren’t happy with the increased amount of sodium when it has been softened with the salt. This offers a natural alternative to that,” said Florian. “I have heard places like Summerland have boil water advisories and even heard of things in some places that have uranium in the water and those are places where certainly a filtration system would be the way to go.”

Florian said experiments have shown when vitalized water is used for irrigation, plants generally grow stronger and have deeper roots leading them to become more resilient and yielding up to seven days sooner.

“These devices are new to Canada, but have an outstanding track record in Europe where they have been sold for over 15 years,” said Florian.

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