Stargazing: Stars and Star Trek

Stars lighting up the summer sky

  • Jul 20th, 2017

Hype doesn’t help forest fire efforts

Andrew Weaver’s climate change claim doesn’t match reality

Okanagan Taste: Cool drinks for hot days

Cocktails to sip on during the hot Okanagan summer days

  • Jul 14th, 2017
Underwear Fashion Show
  • 6 hours ago
Cover With Kindness Penticton
    Artist stages kitten fundraiser
      Home for the holidays at Westview Place

        Hype doesn’t help forest fire efforts

        Andrew Weaver’s climate change claim doesn’t match reality

        Michaels: Fire hit financially strapped victims hardest

        Walnut Grove residents may suffer most from fire

        Naturewise: A tale of two mines and two provinces

        The Mt. Polley disaster has cost B.C. taxpayers about $40 million so far

        • Jul 12th, 2017

        Star Gazing: Dots in the sky

        Some of them are much brighter than others, and some stars are coloured

        • Jul 12th, 2017

        The conquest of rural B.C.

        Urban environmentalists have occupied the NDP

        Search for a lost city and treasure inspires book

        Heather Allen reviews adventure from her armchair

        • Jul 7th, 2017

        Stargazing: Where exactly are we?

        Through observations of the sun or other celestial objects we determine the local time

        • Jul 6th, 2017

        B.C.’s big money battle isn’t over yet

        John Horgan, Christy Clark posture on poltical donations

        Guest column: Changing the world takes time

        Aaron McRann is the executive director of the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan-Similkameen

        • Jul 2nd, 2017

        Foundation notes: Art powers healing

        Promoting patient health through art at Penticton Regional Hospital

        • Jul 1st, 2017

        Letter: Abusing the taxpayer

        This is a very old-fashioned, unaccountable and expensive way of doing things

        • Jun 30th, 2017

        Okanagan Taste: Glasses up for Canada 150

        What is the most appropriate drink for Canada’s sesquicentennial

        • Jun 29th, 2017

        Nature Wise: Feeding the hummingbirds

        Hummingbirds are the most amazing little creatures to watch

        • Jun 28th, 2017

        Stargazing: Where and when in Canada

        Canada’s first national time was distributed from an observatory

        • Jun 27th, 2017