AlleyCATS Okanagan: Pet of the week

AlleyCATS Okanagan: Pet of the week

Meet Sammy who is available for adoption in Kelowna

Hi, I am Sammy.

I am currently in the care of Alley Cats Alliance, looking for love and a new place to call home.

At my last home I had some trouble getting along with the resident cat, as I really love all the attention for myself. However, I can keep myself occupied and enjoy looking out the window.

I am a total love bug, I will come and help you make the bed on laundry day, sit beside you and watch TV. You should know that I want to be the only lady in your life so I get a little territorial and new people should just ignore me.

My hobbies include bring brushed, sitting on vents, playing with toys I can catch and hanging out in the garage like a teenage.

I am currently in a foster home but am looking for my forever home. If you want to meet me please email Alley Cats at

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