Electromagnetism talk in Penticton

Dr. Malcolm Paterson, a world-renowned cancer researcher will present on the health-related science of wireless device.

Dr. Malcolm Paterson

Dr. Malcolm Paterson

Dr. Malcolm Paterson, PhD, is once again presenting the health-related science of wireless devices, including smart meters in the Okanagan.

The Workshop commences at 10 a.m. this Saturday morning at  St. Saviour’s Church in Penticton.

The session will begin with Dr. Paterson’s first scientifically-based workshop which was presented in Kaleden in February  (where over 150 persons attended), Dr. Patterson has now delivered his talk on Electromagnetic Radiation: A Sleeping Giant? on four separate occasions to more than 500 participants throughout the Okanagan.

At his recent presentation to a group of medical professionals in Kelowna, there was apparently a surprised and very concerned response to Dr. Paterson’s findings, regarding the growing body of evidence against the indiscriminate spread of wireless technologies, for example, Dr. Paterson presents evidence that wireless EMF signal levels have increased by a factor of 3000 since 1980.