McNicoll Park students Emma Schneider

McNicoll Park students Emma Schneider

Great fundraising leads to camp-out at McNicoll Park

Penticton school teachers camp out on roof to settle promise made to students who raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Principal Lloyd Lindsay quite literally likes to stay on top of what’s happening at McNicoll Park Middle School.

He and vice-principal Darryl Tenisci spent last Thursday night camped out on the roof of the school to settle a promise they made to students.

The administrators told the kids they’d have a sleepover if the school raised more than $500 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The school eventually pulled in $667.30, so the principals pulled on their long johns.

“We passed the time trying to find out the score in the Canucks game and then crying when we did hear it,” joked Lindsay, adding the pair was buoyed by visits from members of the school community.

“It was a warm feeling.

“It was nice to have as many parents as we did come through and say hello.

“It was building just real school spirit.”

Lindsay said the fundraiser was organized by the school’s Grade 8 Leadership students, who needed help deciding whom to help.

“As I talk to different students around the school, everybody’s been touched in one way or another by cancer,” Lindsay explained.

“We just use that as a stepping stone to try to get us to gather and rally behind one thing.”

Leadership student Ali Walters, 13, said two barbecues helped bring in about half the total raised, while classes collected the balance through individual donations.

“It feels pretty good to know that it’s going for a good cause,” she said.

Walters added the students also got a kick out of seeing their principal camped out.

“It was pretty funny, because after school Mr. Lindsay was sitting up there with his cell phone, just sitting on a lawn chair,” she said.