Group takes aim at downtown graffiti

Active Citizen hope to organize events such as volunteering for non-profit groups, random acts of group kindness, and support for seniors

A group of individuals calling themselves Active Citizens painted over graffiti last weekend in downtown Penticton.  Throughout the event the volunteers received thank yous and encouragement as the general public recognized their efforts.

“The aim of the Active Citizens group is to create projects that anyone in the community can participate in,” said event organizer Corrine Omand. “The Active Citizens are a collaborative group.  We are people that represent all areas of Penticton, but with one common goal — to work together and make a difference in our community.”

Many people representing various parts of the community showed up to help.  Among the volunteers were individuals, business owners, families, as well as representatives from JCI, GenNext, United Way and the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce.  Supplies were provided by the Downtown Penticton Association.

“This Active Citizen group is forming from the people who want to see change in the community and want to make a difference,” said Omand. “We are the people that help out when we see something that needs to be done and we encourage people to join us.  Don’t be a complainer, be a vehicle for change.  Be an Active Citizen for your community and see the impact we can make when we all work together.”

This is the start of many ways that the Active Citizen group hopes to give back to the community.  Future events may include a day of volunteering at various non-profit groups, random acts of group kindness, and support for seniors.

Anyone is welcome to join this grassroots community group or share their ideas for future projects.  For more information please contact Corrine Omand at 250-490-5319 or