Lake CIty Casino helps secure Penticton Search and Rescue

Lake City Casinos has donated to help enhance the security of the Penticton Search and Rescue building after a break-in.

From left to right; MIke Magnusson of Lake City Casinos

From left to right; MIke Magnusson of Lake City Casinos

After the Oct. 25, 2015 break in at the Penticton Search and Rescue station, management of Lake City Casinos reached out to see what they could do to help and offered the assistance of their surveillance and security manager Chris Sotvedt to offer a solution.

Sotvedt was once a search and rescue volunteer and understood the need to protect the valuable assets that PENSAR utilizes in search and rescue efforts to save others.

Over the fall and winter months, Sotvedt worked with PENSAR to help define what was needed to increase site security and the costs involved. Recognizing that PENSAR is a volunteer and non-profit organization, Sotveld went to work to find solutions. Working with industry security suppliers and installers, PENSAR finally has its state of the art CCTV system up and running.

Last fall, after the break in and theft, Dale Jorgensen, president of PENSAR commented “we sure got a shock and found it disheartening” when two of the search and rescue trailers had been broken into.

Today, Jorgensen can’t say enough for all of the support PENSAR has received from the community and especially to Lake City Casinos for the financial and technical support they provided to this project.

“We feel better that our assets have a higher level of protection,” said Jorgensen.

As part of the security enhancement project commitment made by Lake City Casinos, they also donated $4,261.68.