Snowmaking is continuing at full blast on Apex Mountain on Nov. 20. (Apex Mountain Resort Facebook - Jeff Plant)

Snowmaking is continuing at full blast on Apex Mountain on Nov. 20. (Apex Mountain Resort Facebook - Jeff Plant)

No mask? Lose your pass at Apex

The ski resort has implemented a strict mask policy for the upcoming ski season

Apex Mountain Resort is reminding people that they have a strict mask policy.

Masks are mandatory in the village area, in lines for lifts, when purchasing lift tickets and in any other public space with no exemptions and have been at the resort for a while.

“We’ve actually enforced it from before Dr. Bonnie Henry and we’re just glad that she’s helping us reinforce our COVID rules,” said Apex general manager James Shalman. “We’ve actually taken it one step further, and our COVID policy is to have masks, face coverings — which means that they’re minimum two-ply, they’re tight to the mouth and they’re hands-free — in the village and the lift lines.”

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Apex will not be allowing people to present without a mask, and face shields and medical exemptions will not be accepted.

“We are not allowing face shields, because if you sneeze it’s not contained and it just flies all over the place,” said Shalman. “We can’t have lift lines with people in it and have a couple people not wearing masks because they’re medically exempt, that just does not work with our COVID policy.”

Masks will be required to purchase lift tickets, with barriers set up for people who wish to try and go without. The resort and staff aren’t planning to change their minds about the policy, no matter what some people might say.

Skiers who refuse to wear a mask will have their lift tickets taken away and be escorted out of the village area. If pass-holders refuse to wear a mask they will face a two-week minimum pass suspension.

There has been some push-back against the rules, and requests for face shields or medical exemptions, prompting a reminder from Shalman on the resort’s official Facebook group.

“Obviously not everyone agrees with the COVID policy, but that is our policy and it’s not up for debate,” said Shalman. “For sure there are a lot of people that are in opposition to it, and that’s totally fine. Quite politely, go ahead and ski at another resort that allows you to ski without a face covering.”

“This is for everyone’s safety, our staff and all public,” said Shalman. “We don’t want to fight with people or argue. It’s our policy, and if you don’t agree with it, please stay home.”

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Once you arrive in the village, a mask will be required. That includes in public spaces, in lift lines, riding a lift or disembarking.

“When you ski or board down a run, then you can absolutely remove your mask,” said Shalman. “You’re outside, you’re by yourself and you’re going to be — I sure hope you’re more than six feet away skiing down.”

The mountain is still heading towards their opening weekend on Dec. 5.

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