Penticton council to consider enforcement measures for electrical utility violations

Staff are recommending adding new ticketing measures to the utility bylaw

The City of Penticton is looking to add electrical utility violations to the tickets bylaw officers can issue.

On Jan. 18 council will decide on whether to approve adding the additional enforcement measures to the electric utility service bylaw that could see a fine of $450 or $1,000.

The goal of the proposal is to provide a way of recouping some of the costs due to damages to the city’s electric utility equipment and in reducing the resources it takes to respond to those incidents and other violations by city staff, bylaw and RCMP.

According to the city’s report to council, they are looking for approval to add the following fines for bylaw notice and municipal ticketing violations:

* Failure to grant the City’s employees or agents full access to the customer’s equipment and the Penticton Electric Utility equipment at all reasonable times for meter reading and testing, removal, installation, electrical service inspections, maintenance, or repair that would add a bylaw notice enforcement (BNE) of $450 or municipal ticketing infraction (MTI) of $1,000:

* Cause damage to the Penticton Electric Utility’s Equipment by making unauthorized alterations to the facilities or additions which result in the customer’s connected load being above that approved by the City. A BNE of $450 or MTI of $1,000.

* Cause damage to the Penticton Electric Utility’s equipment by allowing the malfunction of the customer’s electrical equipment.

* Cause damage to the Penticton Electric Utility’s Equipment by allowing trees, other vegetation or any other object on private property that interferes with the Penticton Electric Utility’s Equipment. A BNE of $200 or MTI of $500.

* Causing or permitting damage or defacement of the Penticton Electric Utility Equipment or the customer’s equipment. A BNE of $450 or MTI of $1,000

* Not complying with any provision of the bylaw. A BNE of $450 or MTI of $1,000

The bylaw notices do have an adjudication system, and also have early and late penalty fine values with a maximum fine of $500. Municipal ticketing on the other hand can be issued by RCMP as well as bylaw officers, and the penalty is the amount that must be paid to avoid an appearance in court.

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