South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society reviews mandate

SOSBIS board aims to adopt new strategic pan before its next annual general meeting

The South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society is looking to move forward to provide clarity on some of their bylaws.

At the annual general meeting held on Dec. 13, president James Palanio said the board will be working on a strategic plan to bring structure before their next AGM.

“I think we have an opportunity now to change how we do things and to select a group that directs how SOSBIS can serve its members today, tomorrow and beyond consistently,” said Palanio.

Now with six board members, Palanio hopes they will be a more cohesive unit that can set out clear bylaws that can be put to the SOSBIS members at a special general meeting expected to be held in the summer. Currently the bylaws in the society provided little to no direction as to who or how directors can be voted in.

“We need to rewrite the rules, they are so unclear. Hopefully for next year we will have clear guidelines. All we are looking to do is make sure everything is fair and we have the right people. It is a $1.3 million budget and we need to have competent, capable people to do that,” said Palanio.

The president said to do that the directors will be hashing out potential ways to run their society and present them to members at the special meeting. A strategic planning session will start sometime in February. Palanio hopes to have staff involved in this process to provide recommendations, although they are not sure just yet in what way. As well as providing clear bylaws and guidelines, SOSBIS wants to become more visible in the community. Palanio said they would like to do a better job marketing themselves so when someone is looking to donate they think of SOSBIS.

“We need to find money somewhere else other than Interior Health in case the funding gets cut. We need more local exposure through media and social media so we are of mind when people donate to charity,” said Palanio.

SOSBIS serves individuals with diagnosed or acquired brain injuries, promoting prevention, education and support for these individuals.