Speaker with Inner Peace Movement of Canada in Penticton

During Tuesday's presentation, participants will learn how to keep life simple, joyful and fun

Judy Guido, a national speaker with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada, will speaking in Penticton on Tuesday at the Days Inn, 152 Riverside Drive, from 1-7 p.m.

According to district leader Donna Fuechtman, “When we understand that our life purpose is to learn and grow we are more willing to adjust and adapt, we find ourselves in sync with the universe or what is happening in our lives.  Even our so called bad experiences become a lot less frustrating, it’s not such a big deal anymore, when you realize planet earth is a school of experience, it takes the pressure off and our priorities shift.”

The Inner Peace Movement of Canada a non-profit, educational program helps people recognize their true worth and be involved in a positive, constructive way with their loved ones, their community and themselves.

During the talks participants will learn how to keep life simple, joyful and fun. They will gain more understanding about their life purpose, the seven-year cycles of life, and communication with their team of guardian angels.  Participants will also hear about the four spiritual avenues of communication, intuition where you may hear messages from your angels, vision when you may see pictures and visions in your mind’s eye, prophecy where you may just know what will happen next and feeling is when you bring healing through touch.   They will have an opportunity to experience their own unique vibration, and “Move Mountains” with the power of team

Admission is $16 at the door.  For more information please visit the web site at www.innerpeacemovement.ca

Judy Guido is an educator in the field of self-awareness.  She inspires people to believe in themselves and live their potential by realizing there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  Her message is one of hope and coming home to inner peace.

Guido has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties and has owned several retail and service businesses in BC and abroad. She enjoys community involvement and is a member of the local Rotary Club and Trails Development Team.   She is a Certified Consultant and Instructor with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada.

Since first becoming involved in the Inner Peace Movement, over 35 years ago, she has worked with people from all walks of life to expand their potential using practical tools and techniques for better living.   Her instruction is a step-by-step common sense guide to keeping life simple, joyful and fun.