Art for the inner child

Christopher Millin will be bringing the work of some of his old friends to his first exhibit as the new owner of the St. Germaine Cafe.

Artwork by Kristian Adam.

Artwork by Kristian Adam.

Christoper Millin is the new owner of the St. Germain Cafe and he is inviting art lovers to get to know him first by taking a walk through his past.

The opening reception for PLAY on Nov. 20 at the St. Germain Cafe will feature art from Millin’s past as well as new works culminating in the exploration of the inner child.

Millin took over as the owner of St. Germain on Sept. 15 and wanted his first art exhibit to explore his own past while simultaneously looking forward.

“I’m new to the community so I wanted to introduce a little bit about who I was,” Millin said.

Eight years ago Millin published an arts and literature magazine for children called Crow Toes Quarterly. It was his initial step into the arts and something he knew he would revisit given the opportunity.

“When the magazine folded I felt if I ever got back in to art somehow, my first show would be something inspired by the magazine,” he said.

While putting together the exhibit, Millin decided to call-up a long time friend and Vancouver-based artist Kristian Adam, who worked with him at Crow Toes. Adam illustrated many of the stories that appeared in Crow Toes, and the upcoming exhibit will feature those same works as well as the stories they originally ran alongside.

Adam is excited to know that his work is getting a second breath of life.

“It feels good. I always loved working with that magazine, so I’d love to see it in action again,” Adam said.

Adam’s work explores many aspects of carefree childhood wonderment, though he said it differs from children’s illustrations.

“My characters are always very whimsical and child-like. It’s not really children’s illustration, but it’s got a children’s illustrating feel to it, but the paintings are very refined and detailed,” Adam said.

Another former artist with Crow Toes, Rebekah Joy Plett, was inspired by Millin’s magazine and started one of her own. Her works will be on display alongside the works of Heathre Yip and local artist and director of the Penticton District Arts Council, Endrene Sheppard.

Millin said the show will be family friendly and will have something for both young and old art lovers. The event will also feature live music from Montreal band Cabron.

“We decided to have a very playful show. Something a little different than what has ever been here before. It’s an exhibit of the past, plus some new pieces,” Millin said.

The check out the artwork of Kristian Adam visit or for more information on the upcoming exhibit call Christopher Millin at 250-492-0060.