Assistance funding for local arts fests

The B.C. Arts Council is offering up funds for art festivals that shine a spotlight on local talen in B.C.

Organizations putting on local arts festivals now have the opportunity to apply for project assistance funding from the B.C. Arts Council.

The funds would go towards the fees for professional artists and technicians participating in the festivals. The application deadline is Jan. 30.

Up to $7,500 is available to be awarded to eligible projects which can include presentations of orginal work, exsisting repertoires or explorations of diverse forms. Festivals can feature both local and touring artists.

Festivals that “engage B.C. and Canadian artists” will receive priority the B.C Arts Council said in a release.

Eligible projects may include presentation of original work, existing repertoire or exhibitions, or exploration of diverse forms. Festivals may feature a combination of local and touring artists. Awards will provide up to a maximum of $7,500. Priority will be given to festivals that engage B.C. and Canadian artists.

For more information and eligibility criteria, visit