Big boost to Penmar funding

The proposed community arts centre received a large fundraising boost as they extend their crowdfunding campaign.

The Penmar Community Arts Society received a boost of support from a donor  on April 9. A $35,000 matching contribution to the current Open-The-Doors fundraising campaign.  Identified only as “Pig Butler” the donor party is keen to see the project succeed, the society said.

The society hopes that this contribution will spur another burst of pledges and donations from the community.

“This donation is a massive show of support for a community theatre, we are inspired by their commitment to this cause and excited about being so much closer to our end goal. The beauty of the fundraising model we are using is that anyone can contribute at many different and creative financial levels. It all helps – and if we succeed, the entire community wins,” said Jennifer Vincent, society board member.

The society is using a crowdfunding model which provides a variety of funding options. Supporters can choose to donate money immediately, or pledge to support the campaign if it reaches its funding goal. When you contribute, you can also choose to receive a tax receipt, or one of the many rewards such as a dedication plaque on a theatre seat, pre-paid movie tickets, or society memberships. There are also rewards that are better suited to businesses and performance organizations, like advertising packages and theatre rentals.

“We tried to make our funding options as varied as the people who will eventually use this facility” said society president Kerri Milton “A Community Theatre is a resource for families, for cultural groups and for local business. It needs to be affordable and accessible, and our varied fundraising reflects this.”

The society has already purchased seats, projectors and screens. Upgrades have been completed to the interiors of two auditoriums and electrical systems. Once the funding is in place, the actual renovations are expected to take about two months. Two theatres will be operational and a licensed concession will serve local wine, beer, espresso, tea, alongside the usual fare. One theatre will be largely used for film and lectures, while the other can accommodate both of those activities as well as live performances.

A committed group of Penmar Society Volunteers, working under the catchy title of the “Be Noisy Committee” have been working to spread word of the fundraising project and the society’s goals.

The fundraising campaign initially was set to finish on April 1 but has been extended for the next month. A goal of $165,000 is targeted to complete the renovations.

Anyone interested in contributing to the campaign can visit the website

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, cheques, Paypal, and credit card.