Cuddy on cutting Knife

The Devin Cuddy Band is taking to the stage at the Dream Cafe on Nov. 14 touring their new album Kitchen Knife.

DEVIN CUDDY of the Devin Cuddy Band will be playing songs off of his new album Kitchen Knife at the dream cafe on Nov. 14.

DEVIN CUDDY of the Devin Cuddy Band will be playing songs off of his new album Kitchen Knife at the dream cafe on Nov. 14.

The Devin Cuddy Band is going coast to coast on their own for the first time.

After a couple East Coast stops, Cuddy and his band will bring their sophomore album Kitchen Knife to the Dream Café on Nov. 14.

The new album, released on July 29, has more laid-back origins compared to the Juno-nominated debut Vol.1, released in 2012, but the roots/blues sound of the band is still intact.

“It’s a continuation of what we do, our sound,” Cuddy said.

Being the son of Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy has opened some doors for Devin and the band, including having their latest album produced by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor at his Lost Cause farm studio in Kendal, Ont.

“A bit of a different vibe for us in terms of making a record. We were out in the woods at his place moving a little more methodically and slow,” Cuddy said.

A far cry from Vol. 1, which Cuddy said was produced at an in-and-out pace in an inner city studio. The settings may be wildly different, but aside from their skills progressing, the band is sticking to its roots.

“I think there’s a bit of growth in terms of the sounds and songwriting a bit, but we’re still trying to do that roots/blues kind of sound,” Cuddy said.

The band was invited on tour this past winter, joining Blue Rodeo and father Jim as an opening act.

“It was really great, brought us a lot of new fans and it was a very good learning experience for us,” Cuddy said.

It gave the band some experience playing bigger venues, learning how to fill up a stage and move around during a performance Cuddy said.

Having known the members of Blue Rodeo since he was a kid, the tour was an opportunity for Cuddy to see them in a context he hadn’t had the chance to experience before.

“It was really cool to see them in a setting I didn’t quite know them in, the long tour, I’d never done that before, and playing all these places with them was a real treat,” Cuddy said.

Looking back, Cuddy is finding he is appreciating his upbringing as he takes steps further in to the world of professional music.

“I’m realizing more now, trying to become a professional musician, how cool it was. Reflecting on some of the experiences like hanging out at shows and being surrounded by music a lot,” Cuddy said.

Tickets are $24 and are available by phone at 250-490-9012.