Fiddler Scott Woods returns to Penticton’s Shatford Centre

Canadian fiddle champion Scott Woods and his band well be performing on May 1 at the Shatford Centre in Penticton

Scott Woods

Scott Woods

Canadian fiddle champion Scott Woods describes his band’s new show, Fiddling in the key of…Eh? as honouring all the different styles of fiddle playing and music found across Canada, from the Atlantic province to the West Coast.

“It is our way of recognizing our roots and where we come from,” said Woods.

Born into a musical family, playing  the fiddle from an early age and growing up on the circuit of old-time fiddle  contests in Ontario, the Maritimes and northern states, Woods thought he knew what Canadian fiddling was.

“I soon discovered that Canadian fiddling is very different depending where in Canada you call home. Almost like a dialect in speech, fiddling has a different accent, a different way in the different regions,” said Woods.

European settlers brought their own folk music and styles with them when they came to Canada, Woods explained, which then grew to become part of the cultures in the areas they settled.

“It was their little piece of home. They would play these tunes and it would remind them of home,” said Woods.

Cape Breton is reminiscent of the Scottish style, said Woods, while Newfoundland fiddling hearkens back to the Irish. Métis fiddling has its own unique blend of styles, and in the west, fiddling is influenced by the styles of the eastern European settlers.

“It’s kind of a combination Canadiana theme, and also exploring these different  fiddling styles across Canada as we play music from coast to coast,” said Woods. “It’s kind of tongue in cheek, but it is the thread that two hours of a variety fiddle show.

The show may be new, but Woods promises he will be up to his usual fiddling acrobatics on stage when he brings his band to the perform in Penticton on June 1.

Woods earned the nickname of the Flippin’ Fiddler from his antics, playing the fiddle behind his back, balancing on a barrel and most especially while doing a forward somersault while playing.

Audience members will also be treated to a performance by Penticton’s  Fiddle Kidz. The student musicians will be performing in the lobby prior to the show, then doing a guest spot on stage in the second half.

“I think they have been our guests every time we have been there,” said Woods. “It’s a great opportunity for the kids to have some exposure and hone their skills.

The show takes place on Monday, June 1 at 7 p.m. in the Shatford Centre. Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for kids (age 6-12) and kids five and under get in free.

Advance tickets are on sale now at the Shatford Centre or call 1-855-726-8896 toll-free to charge by phone. See for a complete tour schedule.