Full Steam Ahead at Tin Whistle Brewing

Penticton brewer Tin Whistle planning for celebration for their 1,000 brew.

As the popularity of local brew rages on, the fan base for Tin Whistle Brewing continues to grow. Lorraine Nagy has been the owner of the Tin Whistle Brewery since 1998 — she laughs at what was supposed to be a five year plan turned into a 15-year venture. But she loves it.

“I enjoy the different beers and the fun and excitement of producing new beers.  It is really an exciting, creative adventure,” said Nagy.

Now they are making 10 types of beer at their brewery in Penticton,

“I think more and more people are discovering that fine beer is like fine wine.  There are many kinds of beer for every occasion. As to the growth in the industry, craft beer has been growing at a steady rate while large commercial brewery beer has stagnated over the last few years.  People don’t tire of craft beer as there is always something new.”

This summer they will toot their own horn with a celebration for their 1,000 brew.

“We are also very excited about our new beer called Scorpion. An Imperial IPA finely balanced by our brewer.”

Tin Whistle has cold beer available in store as well as their own Black Widow Marinating Jerk Sauce made by Mr. Marks Caribbean Foods.

A perfect pairing on a hot Okanagan day!