Glamour and fun at La Party Fantastique

The Centre for Excellence at Okanagan College in Penticton will be converted into a wonderland for fashion.

La Party Fantastique promises a glamourous evening with a over the top fashion show including models Colette Clarke

La Party Fantastique promises a glamourous evening with a over the top fashion show including models Colette Clarke

The Centre for Excellence at Okanagan College will be converted into a wonderland for fashion.

La Party Fantastique is a gala-style party that will provide guests with an outstanding experience: an outlandish fashion show, a wearable art parade and out-of-this-world decorations.  All proceeds from the July 26 event will support the programs and services of the South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society.  There will also be a VIP lounge section, and the proceeds from ticket sales to this area will support the Penticton Art Gallery.

“This evening is about glamour, whimsy and fun” said co-creator Jennifer Vincent “We are building a complete environment that guests will step into and experience: from music, to food and beverages, to decorations, and entertainment.”

Guests aren’t expected to dress up in costumes, although they’re welcome to. Cocktail attire is encouraged.

“It’s time we had a fancy summer event to celebrate – and how wonderful for the proceeds to go back into our community this way,” said Vincent.

This inaugural event is the collaborative brainchild of Amberlee Erdmann, resource development co-ordinator for SOVAS, who is well known for putting on great fundraising events such as the annual Disco Party at the Barking Parrot as well as hosting fashion shows in tandem with Heiress Salon and Ad Hoc at Poplar Grove Winery.  She is joined by Jennifer and Nicholas Vincent, co-creators of the unofficially titled group, The Penticton Social Club. They have hosted several memorable themed parties at the previous Yacht Club near the marina and are known for their enthusiasm in building an immersive environment for their guests.

“With constant government cut backs and budget restraints SOVAS relies heavily on fundraising to supplement our budget and keep our programs running,” said Erdmann. SOVAS has an ever increasing wait list in both the men’s and women’s counselling programs. Erdmann said the need is so overwhelming there is a three to four month wait list.

“Without fundraising, SOVAS would have to cut program hours to stay within a constricting budget. The services SOVAS offers are critical in supporting individuals in their journey beyond abuse,” said Erdmann.

Joining these coordinators are professional style gurus at Heiress Salon & Boutique and Tiger Alley Clothing will be dressing the models, topped off with handmade headdresses and wearable art.  Marissa Fox, known for her work with Vintage & Vogue and Ad Hoc, will be co-ordinating the models and fashion show component of the evening as well as assisting in other areas of the event planning.

Local artists have been invited to submit ideas for wearable art pieces to be included in the fashion parade. Their one-off creative works will be available for sale on the night, with 10 per cent going to the fundraising cause. Contributing artists will retain 90 per cent of their sale. Limited positions for artists are available; anyone considering submitting a wearable art piece should apply via the website as soon as possible at

Upwards of 200 people are expected to attend the inaugural event. There will be a variety of local beverages available as well as $5 options from local food truck vendors parked within the venue grounds. The VIP Lounge will feature comfortable seating, a private bar and DJ, a masseuse and a private courtyard area.

Anyone interested in supporting this event should contact the organizers via the event website Doors will open at 8 p.m. on July 26. Tickets are $40 general admission and $60 for VIP and must be bought in advance.  They are on sale on the event website or in person at Heiress Salon & Boutique, Tiger Alley and Cowork Penticton.