Mad Melody Records family Jay-E (Jesse England)

Mad Melody Records family Jay-E (Jesse England)

Hip hop MCs draw their battle lines

Lyricists are ready to rumble for the Mad Melody Records Topic Rap Battle World Tournament in Penticton.

Lyricists are ready to rumble for the Mad Melody Records Topic Rap Battle World Tournament being held June 2 at Fibonacci Café.

Hip hop MCs from around the area will compete in an elimination-style sudden-death tournament. At the end, one will be standing and crowned the winner, earning Mad Melody records recording points and a cash prize.

Mad Melody Records manager Harley Pyrozyk said this weekend’s event is a special installment of the continuing Mad Melody Topic Rap Battles. This weekend’s event will feature a panel of three experienced producers and artists from the Okanagan that provide critique and insight to every artist.

“What makes this event different from the previous topic rap battle events, is that all the competitors will have a chance to win a $50 cash prize, plus one free recording session with Mad Melody Records,” said Pyrozyk. “The MMR World Tournament winner will get one song produced, mixed and mastered by MMR producer MC Bodhi and JDK Nonstop.”

The second runner-up will receive their choice of an instrumental beat made by MC Bodhi or JDK Nonstop. According to Mad Melody Records, a number of the top Okanagan lyricists will be competing this weekend at Fibonacci’s.

Pyrozyk said he hopes to showcase some of the best up-and-coming poets and freestylers from in and around the Okanagan region.

The Topic Rap Battle World Tournament starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday at Fibonnacci Café in Penticton. Entrants must confirm entry prior to June 2 by no later than 5 p.m. to be considered to enter and must provide a $10 entry fee.

For more information email For those wanting to watch the battle, admission is by donation, or if they want to check out Mad Melody Records artists they can head down to the Penticton Farmers Market on Saturday and see them perform in front of Starbucks.