Men in Black return for a third trip to space

Men In Black is back for the third time and is playing in Penticton at the Pen Mar Cinema Centre.

Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures’ Men In Black 3

Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures’ Men In Black 3

Your favourite Men In Black are back, keeping the world safe from alien shenanigans.

In this adventure, their third, Agent J (Will Smith) has to travel back in time to work with a younger version of his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones and/or James Brolin) to save the world from an unpleasant alternative future.

We say, it might be worth a watch.

HOWE: They should have crammed MIB3 in a small box and shot it into deep space. Why did they have to make a third installment? The first one was good, the second one just okay, and this one is just down right bad.

TAYLOR: I’m not sure it’s bad, it’s just different. It had a slightly slower pace, but let’s remember that K is a senior citizen now. I enjoyed the sentimental back story, the partial glimpse in the personal history of a very grumpy MIB agent. This film is lacking in the variety of aliens present and the assortment of one-liners, but it still had Will Smith crackin’ wise, weird and wonderful alien secrets, and lots of goo. I’m not suggesting MIB3 is awesome, but it certainly wasn’t bad.

HOWE: What one-liners? Was I watching a different movie? Where did the awesome Men In Black theme tune go? At least that way I could of got up and boogied. That would of cheered me up.

TAYLOR: I’m sorry the film depressed you. Maybe I was okay with it because I didn’t really have much expectation for it. Perhaps you have been over-titillated. I thought James Brolin was brilliant. He’s so good at mimicry. He might be the most underrated actor of our time.

HOWE: I will agree with you, Brolin was fantastic as young K. His voice and mannerisms were spot on. It  really was like watching a young Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith on the other hand was just flat. He looked bored, like me watching it.

TAYLOR: Well, I guess I can agree with you on the boredom factor. It’s not a particularly exciting story. However, Battleship is a good example of a bad movie. MIB3, while perhaps not living up to it’s predecessors, didn’t bother me either. It gets a passing grade from me.

HOWE: So, after slagging MIB3 off, here’s what I enjoyed; the special effects were nicely done and …

TAYLOR: The effects were good, but they we’re good in Battleship too. At least in MIB3 you had capable acting and dialogue that didn’t make you cringe.

HOWE: That’s true.

TAYLOR: Okay, how about we make a deal. I’ll change my 2.5 to a two, if you change your 1.5 to a two?

HOWE: Deal.

Taylor gives Men In Black 3 2.5 neuralizer flashes out of five.

Howe gives it 1.5 birthday cakes out of five.

Brian Taylor and Peter Howe are movie reviewers that live in the Okanagan.