New voice of anti-bullying presented

Anti-bullying author and illustrator Yam Cooper introduces a cast of characters in his new book.

Anti-bullying author and illustrator Yam Cooper introduces a cast of characters in his new book.

The story of Bill and His House on the Hill is inspired in part by his experiences with bullying and war when growing up. The book explores the essence of friendship and social norms and includes an educational activity guide for parents and educators.

The South Okanagan author involves themes of creativity, bullying, friendship, discrimination, diversity, and communication. Cooper said this book was born out of his passion to make even a small positive contribution to lift the fog of bullying that afflicts so many people around the world; however, it brings many values and messages about various essential life skills.

“I want to spread a message to people of hope. This book can inspire people with its alternative points of view to the reader about new ways to deal with conflict, ways to see ourselves, deal with communication barriers, using innovative ideas and the imagination,” said Cooper.

The story blossoms with the adventures of a man searching for friendship who is ousted by society because his hair is actually grass. Bill’s journey of perseverance and inventiveness to overcome adversity and discrimination has many layers and brings an urgent message for today’s modern world. This witty and surprising tale for all ages is deep and thought-pro-voking, yet frolics along lightly, weaving humour, insight, and heart into a world of rhyme and imagination.

Cooper is inviting parents and children ages six and up to join him on Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Leir House Cultural Centre for an event tied in with B.C. Culture Days.

Cooper will demonstrate the use of his book as an educational tool in an anti-bullying workshop where participants will learn about different types of bullying. The author will also read from his book.