Peach City Radio now streaming online all the time

Community radio station still working on FM licence, but has expanded content offering to the Internet

Tim Tweed

Tim Tweed

Peach City Radio is still working towards an FM broadcast licence, but in the meantime the society has an online stream so you can listen anytime.

Past shows created for the fledgling community radio station have always been available through its website at, but a new “listen now” button on the front page of the site delivers scheduled programming, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

“There are a lot of great programs being created by our members that anyone can hear via our online stream, and listen to via our website program archive as well,” said Dave Del Rizzo, president of the  Peach City Community Radio Society and chair of the programming committee.

The community radio society had a soft launch of its online stream late last year and has been monitoring the service and taking in feedback since then.

“The time and effort we have put into establishing this online stream of programs will benefit us when we eventually come to broadcasting an FM signal. In the meantime, we hope to offer listeners the opportunity to sample what Peach City Radio might eventually sound like,” said Del Rizzo.

“In the meantime, we hope to offer listeners the opportunity to sample what Peach City Radio might eventually sound like.”

Tuning in to Peach City Radio’s online stream gives listeners access to a wide range of programs, the majority of which are locally produced.

There are music programs, many featuring local performers, as well as talk show format that highlight local issues, people and events.

The station recently began airing Democracy Now! on weekdays, an international public affairs show.

While the web stream is up and broadcasting, the society is hoping to reach several of its goals this year, including choosing a choosing a station location, submitting the application for broadcasting, producing a live radio play and launching a major fundraising campaign.

One event already on the books is The Big Broadcast, an old-style radio show taking place in the Shatford Centre Auditorium on Feb. 28, March 1 and 2.

The show will take place in front of a live audience, paying tribute to Penticton history and featuring a cast of local talent and many familiar names.

It’s not the first time the heritage building has played host to this kind of show.

Back in 1936, the auditorium hosted a show of the same name, which in turn drew its name from a film that had just finished playing at the Empress Theatre.

According to newspaper accounts of the time, the 1936 Big Broadcast, directed by Mabelle C. Slick, featured 110 performers, also in front of a live audience.

It was also a fundraiser, though for the Gyro Club, raising money for the park where the bandshell sits today.

According to organizers, tickets to be a part of the live audience later this week should be available soon through the Shatford Centre office and Dragons Den on Front St.