Penmar powering up

A phoenix in Penticton is looking for help to rise from the ashes

PENMAR COMMUNITY ARTS SOCIETY was presented with a $5

PENMAR COMMUNITY ARTS SOCIETY was presented with a $5

A phoenix in Penticton is looking for help to rise from the ashes.

Penmar Community Arts Society is inviting the community to be a part of the Penmar’s resurrection at 361 Martin Street. To attract community investors, members of the society will be making their pitch at a seminar next week.

“People will have an opportunity to own a piece of land downtown and own a piece of their community,” said Kerri Milton, Penmar board member and executive director of the Downtown Penticton Association. “The property is right downtown, and it’s part of building up our Martin Street and being part of our downtown’s revitalization. There isn’t really anything viable in the 300 Block of Martin Street, so this gives more opportunity for people passing by, economic vitality and to allow for more things to happen here.”

By sponsoring the theatre, donors will join the Penmar Community Arts Co-operative.And a big sponsor has already stepped forward.

White Kennedy Chartered Professional Accountants announced a $5,000 donation to the society, and has been named the sponsor of an auditorium in the building.

“It’s an initiative that we wanted to get behind,” said Peter MacIntosh, partner with White Kennedy. “We’re excited to be the naming sponsor of the new White Kennedy Audiotirum, and we look forward to a new long term relationship with the society.”

“The Penmar Community Arts Society will continue to work as it has been and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations, while (members of) the Co-operative will be purchasing the building, managing it and financing the renovations,” said board member Jennifer Vincent.

“For more details I encourage people to come next Wednesday,” board member Jim Morrison said, adding that there are opportunities for about 100 to 200 sponsors.

“The length of time to do a co-op varies depending on participation of the community so it’s very difficult at this time to say how long it’s going to take,” he said. By the end of 2015 however, the board expects to have enough information to draft a distinct timeline as to when the theatre will open.

“We’re hoping to have all the shares done and in place by the end of the year, and then its’ about a 16-week process before we can get the doors open,” Milton said.

Once its comes to fruition, the new building will be equipped with a new digital sound system, and opens many new opportunities for performing artists. Milton said the three theatres combines will be able to hold around 500 people.

“Trying to expand the arts culture in Penticton is huge undertaking,” said board member Christa Phillips. “Today’s a good day – the expansion of the community support will take us forward.”

The information seminar takes place at Cowork Penticton, 123 Ekhardt Ave. E at 7 p.m. Organizers ask those interested to RSVP by calling 250-809-4425 or email