Performers in Limbo

The Cawston Community players are examining the issues of life and death with their latest offering, Limbo. Michael Davies is shocked to find that what he thought was a bad case of indigestion was in fact, a fatal heart attack.

Struck dead at 40, Davies finds himself in limbo, that neither here nor there world between life and the afterlife. What’s worse is when he discovers himself in his kitchen home but not quite alone — he’s in the company of a previous owner, Agatha, also passed on and also lingering.

The Cawston Players are presenting their production of Limbo in the Cawston Community Hall May 6 to 8, with the curtain rising at 8 p.m.

Julia Lee Dean’s one-act play was written about 10 years ago for a local playwriting competition in Sussex, England, and first performed in 2003 at the Alexandra Theatre. Jaquine Manet-Bobier and Corentin Caro-Chambard give lively and often funny renderings of two souls ‘caught between’ with Agatha offering Davies her best advice on how to get through it all.

Davies grieves his losses and witnesses the progress of his widow as she moves on to a new romance with his best friend. The play is described as a touching piece of theatre that will appeal to the “what if’ kind of reflection that occurs to may when they contemplate their own passing.