Performing Arts Provincials perfect harmony for Penticton singer

Penticton performer takes top spot at provincials and headed to Toronto for performing arts school.

Penticton's Teigan Litke took top spot in her category at the B.C. Performing Arts Festival and is headed to Toronto for performing arts school.

Penticton's Teigan Litke took top spot in her category at the B.C. Performing Arts Festival and is headed to Toronto for performing arts school.

Teigan Litke can remember being just a toddler crawling around on the floor of a community centre pretending to be a wolf in a sled race.

“I’ve been acting and singing since those first acting classes I was in. Ever since that moment I have been pretending and imagining; portraying the vision in my head to an audience,” said Litke, who won the Intermediate Musical Theatre award and Honourable Mention in the Intermediate Vocal Variety category at the B.C. Performing Arts Festival provincials held in Penticton.

Two months ago Litke landed a spot at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto and last week she graduated from Penticton Secondary School. Litke said she also was invited to a performing arts school in New York, but chose to stay in Canada.

Earlier this year she performed in the Soundstage Production of Lés Miserables. With a busy year full of successes it was the win at provincials she cherishes most.

“I was definitely more excited that I won provincials than I was about graduating. I have been performing for so long and finally it was my year to earn a win. It was something I was not expecting because it is one of the biggest categories in provincials that is why it is so amazing,” said Litke. “Having provincials hosted by Penticton in my last year was a great experience. Then winning on top of all that was amazing.”

Litke won over the adjudicators at provincials in the Intermediate Musical Theatre category by singing two songs from the production Dogfight.

“I think the contrast development of the character stood out as a whole. Putting two pieces together from the same production made me stand out at the festival. I think it gave me an edge,” said Litke, who won a partial scholarship to Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance in Vancouver this summer at provincials.

She said her successful season is all thanks to her voice instructor, Lynne Leydier, who she has been with for the past seven years.

“Penticton is so lucky to have her. She has so much experience in the industry as a performer and director and she conveys that experience to her students to make your performance so much better,” said Litke.

Holding down two jobs over the summer until her move to Toronto likely won’t allow Litke time to get to the summer singing and dance program she won at provincials. But, she is anticipating a great year ahead at Randolph where she will be training in a full two-year program.

Litke will be surrounded by like-minded students invested in musical theatre as much as she is.

“I will be working with an incredible group of people. I think it will be a real advantage to spend so much time with people who have the same goal as you, as inspired and driven to reach the same goals,” said Litke.

She will be taking courses ranging from dance technique and theatre history to acting classes and voice classes.

“After that I’m going to perform. Toronto has a pretty big musical theatre scene and the students at Randolph have had lots of success,” said Litke.