Picto prophesy project released

For several months, artists of the Ullus Collective have been exploring the theme of prophesy in indigenous culture.

For several months, artists belonging to the Ullus Collective have been developing diverse works of art exploring the theme of prophesy in indigenous cultures.

Now, they’re getting ready to show the results of their explorations as the Ullus Collective hosts a screening and talk at the En’owkin Centre tonight (Friday, Nov. 25) from 7 to 9 p.m.

In the Okanagan, people painted on rock for thousands of years to represent their visions. They drew their experiences in symbolic form on the land using red ochre. Today artists from the Ullus Collective are utilizing video, audio and interactive media to represent their dreams and visions.

This is not your average art show. Picto Prophesy can be uploaded to your smart-phone and shared using social media.

The public is invited to attend multimedia presentations by Richard Armstrong, Victoria Baptiste, Mariel Belanger, Tracey Kim Bonneau, Chris Bose, Bracken H’anuse Corlett, Warren Hooley and Cease Wyss.

“That we’re using new technologies as a tool for creative expression shouldn’t come as a surprise. The very sound of technology is influencing our language and changing how we communicate. Consider email notifications and ringtones for instance,” said Ullus chair Bonneau, from the Syilx Nation. “These new sounds bring new meanings and ways of interacting. We’re simply using the tools of our time much like past masters painted on stone with red ochre.”

Presentations include Bracken H’anuse Corlett’s Naqs Asil Katlis, a whimsical video exploring his traditional Northwest Coast roots. His use of colour and ceremonial symbolism embodies his culture within a contemporary beat and techno pulse.

Syilx artist Mariel Belanger focuses on a monumental stone marker located in the north Okanagan. Throughout North America, similar markers have been documented as sacred sites of the Coyote creation stories. Her video work simulates an explosion to grab the attention of visitors on site using GPS technology.

Follow a TEDx inspired talk with Warren Hooley and explore interactive applications with Victoria Baptiste. Travel to Peru with master storyteller Tracey Kim Bonneau then join a guided digital tour with Jesus Coyote, a.k.a. Chris Bose, followed by a video walk to gather medicine with Cease Wyss.